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New Brothel Opening

So I understand there is in the future the possibility of a brothel opening nearby where I live similar to the famous one in Nevada (same owner i think). Anyhow my fantasy is it has opened and is in the heart of the city, my boyfriend and I go into the city to check it out. It has a big lounge inside and we are enjoying a few drinks and watching the fun. I dressed up very sexy showing off my legs. We had moved to the bar and when my BF left me alone to use the washroom I was approached by a man. He was very nice and funny, not to mention handsome. Soon enough he asks me what I charge. I am shocked and not quick to answer. My BF returns and sees I am a bit flustered when a girl next to me speaks up and lets the other man know I do not work there. He is disappointed but polite and apologizes. We have a good laugh about it and he says his idea was to have a threesome with me and the girl beside me. She says she is more than willing to find another girl when my BF smiles at me then suggests he would love it as long as he could watch. The guy asks the girl working if that is alright and she agrees but he has to pay more. We all go to a room he pays the other girl double and proceeds to have sex with us both paying more attention on me and having her use a strap on with me too.

Ideas or suggestions or anyone interested in writing?
“They were the strongest hands I ever felt, he held me down by the back of my neck pressing my face into the mattress as his powerful thrusts quickened and his hard cock plunged into my virgin ass. My muscles ached from being so tense but he continued like a wild animal until he came inside me abruptly thus ending our date. He tossed the money onto my prone and sweaty body and laughed and slammed the door behind him. My boyfriend stepped out of the closet with the video camera and smiled and confirmed I was officially a whore.”
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sounds complicated, but hot.
finally a new story:

Bad Grandpa

my previous perversions are still at:

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