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There has to be some sort of something upstairs for me to be interested or even care. So, I think that answers the question.
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Definitely the mind. It's all up there.
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Mind mostly, but the body does matter. Not as much. I don't think many men want a woman with a "perfect" body, but having some sort of physical attraction is important.
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Mind definitely. A lady has to have the right sense of adventure, mischief and caring to use the physical assets she has.
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Mind and body are someway intertwined . If someone has an erotic mind they will keep their body desirable thus " erotic". Seldom the two are separated.
An erotic person is able to convey his/ her mind in the body .
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I need a fucked up, dirty, and perverted mind to match mine. So mind over body for me.

But lucky for me, I have both with My girl.
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i choose both..mind and body.....but to really take thinga to the ULTIMATE height i think. would have to say the mind.
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Originally Posted by Daddy2mylilgirl View Post
I need a fucked up, dirty, and perverted mind to match mine. So mind over body for me.
Something like that.

Sometimes a plain looking girl has much more sexapeal then so called "perfect" bodied one.
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If I'm not physically attracted to someone it's pretty much a no go...regardless of her mind. She could be as creative as Anne Rice and as smart as Marie fuckin' Curie but that's not going to help me get it up if she looks like Eleanor Roosevelt or that chick from the movie "Precious". I can't help this. It isn't up to me.

But that aside, there's a pretty wide range of women that I find attractive. If she has a big ass and hips she's going to get a second glance regardless of height, weight, race, etc. This is what I respond to.

But like just about everyone else on the planet this is only the first thing that's sorted out. The body is what reels me in but its the mind that keeps me interested. If she doesn't make the cut on a personal level it doesn't matter what she looks like. And notice I didn't say "intellectual level". She doesn't have to be some kind of brainiac. I'm certainly not. But creativity does turn me on quite a bit. Otherwise I just want to connect with her, have a few things in common that we can talk about, do together...someone that wants to spend time with me, someone I feel comfortable around. Yep...pretty much what everyone wants.

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Perfect body? Still waiting. And really, mine is far from that standard... perfect would intimidate me. Fat is a turn off, otherwise, it's all good.

But, the mind! Good sex is like good food, literature, music, art...layered, complex, delightful...some call it vanilla sex, I call it Thomas Kincaid sex, but either way, it's boring, and not worth my time. Yes. The mind. Without question.
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What is the perfect body? Supposedly its that idiotic barbie doll image at least today. Yet a few centuries ago during the Reinisance (yes I know i mangled the spelling) that would have been seen as quite ugly and instead a heavier woman would have been the ideal. Personally when it comes to appearance two things matter to me. The first is that their weight not be so bad its a serious health risk (for obvious reasons) and secondly I prefer women who are comfortable in their own skin. Being sexy is about more then a certain body type its in how you carry yourself, how you dress (and no I don't mean slutty or at least not just slutty its quite possible to dress both elegantly and look very sexy). So for me of the two its the mind no question. Bodies change over time and "beauty" fades but a creative and inteligent mind will remain so for a very long time.
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Everyone has their own idea of "perfect". Actually, I have more than one. I'm sure I'm not alone in that.
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I would have to say the mind.
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(Heart first, then) mind, then body.
When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity. ― Albert Einstein
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Fuck that mind shit... Give me the perfect body. I hate fat chicks. In fact, I am prejudice against fat people. When I see a fat person, I think that they have no self control, and are disgusting. Diet and exercise people! You are wasting your lives being fat pigs. There is nothing worse to me than a fat chick who is proud of who she is... You know, the fat chick with high self esteem. The one eho is dilusional about how fat and disgusting they look. Put the cookies down people.
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I didn't read the other posts, and so I'd assume my point of view has already been mentioned. But, being the control freak I can sometimes be, I thought I'd post anyway.

First off, I want to say that all of sex is created in the mind. I know women with great bodies who have no sexual urges or desires to speak of. And I know some women with great bodies who just lay there, and expect the man to do everything...EVERYTHING.

A body isn't everything, but it can also help in triggering someone's erotic thoughts. I know when I see a perfect ass I enjoy seeing it and I can imagine what I would do if I had that ass in my control. But like I said, if the mind that's attached to that ass isn't into what I'm into, any of the things I do might not even connect with her. Shit, she might see it as humdrum or even abuse. While I might fantasize about tying her up and taking that ass anyway, I know that in reality, she must consent to it. Although there are stories in porn where the woman is forced into a submissive situation and in the end she turns out enjoying it, risk it against rape? I'll just leave it as a fantasy...and her loss.

I like to think I can get any woman excited, if she gives me the chance. But, sometimes a woman won't want to allow me even that much, if she's hung up on doing anything very kinky. And some women don't have much trust in men, because of the men they have encountered in the past. So, a stereotype can exist in her mind which doesn't help me in any way at all.

I really don't think there is an either/or solution to the your question. You probably can exist on just a great body OR just an erotic mind, but down the road, both will end up limiting you in one way or another. I'd also say it would be up to the individual whether either situation is going to work best, in its purest form.

For me, it would have to be a little of the mind and a little of the body. +/- from either side could also work, but I really think I'd need input from both. Like I said, the perfect body without some erotic desires won't provide the necessary fuel for the sex engine within the woman. Just the erotic mind alone and a body I'm not attracted to won't provide the necessary fuel for the sex engine within me.

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Minds every time, bodies are a bonus
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My sub dosnt have the prefect body, but her mind and servitude turn me on more
Enjoy it, live it, show it.. God gave us one body, why not use it!
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There is such a thing as a perfect body?? Show me one. All airbrushing excluded. My sister in law has stretch marks on her hips and she's 110lbs soakin' wet. That is just disgusting in my opinion, that there is no escaping life's harsh realities, no matter who ya are.

Gawd, why is there so much pressure in popular culture for a woman to look a certain way? Men may feel some pressure too I suppose, but they certainly don't get hung up on it like we do. But that's because the natural role we women fall into is that of the one being looked at. Men love to ogle, we love to be ogled. So our appearance is paramount I suppose, and I get that.

I have things that fall into various categories with my own body. I have a few areas that are sexy as all hell, some spots that are average but still quite lovely, some places that I can't stand, and some that I'd never allow to appear in a photograph under threat of severe punishment. Hehe...

I really think that it's what you do with your body that affects a man. And more importantly in a lot of cases, what you do with your voice, your thoughts, and your inner muscles, if ya know what I mean, if you know what I mean...wink wink, nudge nudge. (10 points to anyone who gets the reference.)

While I am not bisexual by any means, I too adore looking at women (and wouldn't mind touching one either, just as an experimentation thing) and I think I am similar to men when I say confidence is a major attractor. Stand up straight and act like you're hot. Don't slouch and assume that people will find you ugly. That right there makes all the difference in the world.
I fear I've used too many words because I love them so much.
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Sorry honey... The perfect body is out there. Hit the gym every once in a while and you will see. As for your sister in law, I'll take a broad that is 110 lbs eith stretch marks over a fat pig any day. Fat people are just lazy and disgusting. Quit making excuses like its society's fault. Perfection is obtainable.
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Ok but...what's perfect? I certainly have my own "ideal woman" in mind but who's to say she'd be "perfect" for you?
"Anything that can be bought has no true value"

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Flat stomach, long legs, strong inner thigh gap, round ass, and perky tits.
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Cool Why not strive for both?

Never been one to settle for one over the other.

All I can say is sex is great if your thinking the same way and that body s electric.

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I've always had a pretty broad ranging definition of what's attractive but I learned early that if I don't find somebody extremely attractive it isn't worth my trouble....

That's slightly dowdy wallflower was a lot more likely to reject me than the homecoming queen... the homecoming queen type seems to be able to appreciate the balls it takes to approach her in the first place.

I'm sure if I were a 6 4, broad-shouldered Addonis, I would have to adjust a bit. Confidence where it isn't automaticaly expected is attractive.

My point is whenever I "settled" looks-wise it went sideways quick... perhaps if I'm not that attracted- by definition the attraction won't be there the other way either... sometimes I think these things are simply chemical. Pheremones, you know.

On the other hand contrary to the ugly duckling of fable.... a fair amount of ugly and self-loathing comes from the inside.
"A man can convince anyone hes somebody else, but never himself."
-Kevin Spacey as Verbal Kint in "The Usual Suspects."

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I vastly prefer erotic minds.

That said, I think the perfect body is any one that is wrapped around mine....
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