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Sensual Harrassment

Evan Baxter, 42, looked over the stack of paperwork on his desk and pushed it to the side. He had been sorting for the better part of an hour now, searching for pages of a document that his assistant should have already completed. Today would not be as successful as he had hoped.

As he arrived for the day, he had the absolute misery of being hauled into Human Resources and told of a situation between his assistant Melody and a temporary office worker Charles. It seemed that Charles had been pressuring Melody for a date. The day prior he had cornered her in the copy room, after locking the door and proceeded to attempt unbuttoning her blouse. Charles was working in bookkeeping, and his assignment was now over. Melody was inconsolable and had decided to take a few days away. The temp agency that had sent Charles was on high alert as was the remainder of the company. No one would be sent to rescue Evan today.

At 7 o’clock, Evan was still working on organization and attempting to pull files from the mass of paperwork on his desk, the chairs in front of his desk and the two side tables. He hadn’t seen Melody come in, and though he wasn’t startled by her appearance, it made him uneasy as there were very few people left in the office.

Melody had an envelope in her hands and more than anything, Evan wished that it was a birthday card for her mother.
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