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DIY BDSM creations?

Wondering if anyone has any plans or pictures of anything they have made themself?

I would like to make a bench, that could be versatile, possibly adjustable in some aspects, and collapsible to be stored away when not in use.

Looking for ideas for anything really.... the more the better. The bench was something that first came to mind, but I'm sure theres lots of other great ideas as well....
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Me and my bestfriend have been working on a "sex machine" it's SUPER complex... I drew the designs and he's the smart one, figuring out everything that goes in it :P
However, I'm really excited...we already built the shell for the engine and prematurely added the dildo at the end. My bestfriend is a Dom and he really can't wait to try it out on his sub!
Curiosity often Leads to Trouble. <3
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Easy Cane

  • Wooden dowel
  • Duct tape/ handle material of your choice

Just put the tape on the end of the dowel that's colored (if there is one, and it clashes with the color you'll be adding), to make a handle. I made a loop at that end as well, so He could put his hand through to give Him more control.

There is, of course, the risk of breaking it from hitting someone too hard, but I'd reckon that it won't break very easily. Of course, that also depends on what thickness dowel you go with.
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Thanks for the replys...

Sex machine.... sounds interesting! That could be a ambitious project for sure!

Was also planning on using doweling for a spreader as well...
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Then I'm going to 3D print all further tools....
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