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Male Masturbation Techniques

I seem to recall someone here was asking about male masturbation techniques, though I can't find the posting. So, I thought I would start a new thread.

I have a foreskin, so this method may vary for those who are circumcised. Lie on your side and touch your penis with the hand you wouldn't normally use - in other words, right handers should use their left hand, and visa versa. Using the tips of the fingers, or thumb on the upper side of your cock, fingers on the lower side, then slide the foreskin back for a count of three or four (the last number being when the skin is pulled fully back), then draw it back up in one movement. Repeat this as much as feels good. You can of course do other stuff as well, like pinching the frenulum between your finger and thumb and pulling on it, up and down, or gently rubbing the edge of the glans - basically, whatever feels good. But the key is....take your time. No rushing. I sometimes trap my balls between the tops of my thighs, too, and hold them there the whole time - it makes the orgasm better, somehow.

With your other hand push the tip of your finger into your anus (use lube if you prefer), but no deeper than the first knuckle. As you masturbate you can massage the walls of your sphincter with the tip of your finger, either rotating or pressing to the front or the back, or side to side. If you feel yourself about to cum - don't! Either stop masturbating or, even better, clench your anal sphincter to stop yourself spurting. You keep doing this, over and over. Each time you are about to cum, tighten up, clench the sphincter until the intense desire to cum reduces. After a few times you should find that holding back sends ripples through you, tingling in your buttocks, lower spine, down your legs. It almost feels like goosebumps, but much more intense. When you finally want to let go, push your cock down a little, rather than have it pointed up - the added restriction makes the orgasm more intense. But don't speed up your masturbation rhythm, just continue to stroke slowly even as you start to spurt.

If you haven't tried this, and have a go, I would love to read your reports on how it went for you.
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Sounds interesting, have to try it later.
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