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OOC: "The Tower of Pain"

In case this looks familiar, it's because I originally started it under a different premise with the RP name "The Timmons". I have a better idea now ... I hope.

"The Tower of Pain"

Basic Story
  • "The Timmons", as its residents know it, was once a beautiful, 22 floor, mixed use building that included retail stores, professional offices, apartments, and luxury condominiums.
  • Then, two decades ago, the neighborhood began to go downhill; and in 2007, the Great Recession struck.
  • The building went into bankruptcy, was seized by the County, and -- until the gangs took control -- was operated by the City as low income housing.
  • The Timmons essentially became a high rise of squatters, drug dealers, thieves, whores, gang bangers, and more.
  • Then came "Mister Black".
  • No one knows exactly who he is or where from where he came, nor do they know what he wants of the Timmons and its occupants.
  • What they will find out is that the pain and misery the gangs, other criminals, and general scum wreaked upon them will remain. It will simply be ... more organized.
  • So, if nothing seems to be changing for them, why are the residents so happy to see Mister Black take control...?

Characters: Long Term and Expendable
  • Because this story will be more fun if people sometimes die or simple "leave", it is my recommendation that writers consider writing more than one character: 1 or more Primary Characters (PCs) who are longer term and 1 or more Secondary Characters (SCs) who are shorter term and expendable.
  • No one can kill or otherwise "vanish" your SC without your permission!
  • PCs may be "allies", "foes", or something in between in their relationship to Mister Black. We can design "plots" for their stories. PCs will have in depth Character Sheets (CSs).
  • SCs may be "allies", "foes", or something in between, too, but because they are short(er) term in nature, they do not have to have as detailed a CS as a PC.

Writer Expectations:
  • 1 or more long term PCs.
  • 1 or more short term, "expendable" SCs. When your "expendable" character leaves the story (by what ever means), you can create another one some time soon, thus keeping your minimum number of characters normally at 2.
  • 100+ words per post. If you need an idea of how much that is, by the time you got to the end of "The Basic Story", you had already read 100+ words.
  • Post frequency is dependent upon your characters' importance, meaning don't hold up the story by creating a vital character then posting once a week.
  • Don't get ahead of the time line set down by the host, thereby allowing all writers a chance to post but at the same time do not make the other writers wait for days because you haven't posted for your "lynch pin" character in a week.
  • All the other normal RP rules.
  • Proper grammar and spelling checks.

Who or What is Mister Black?
  • Peter Black is a former Navy SEAL who has a mean streak.
  • He is also a control freak. He doesn't really care much about what you are doing ... so long as he gets something out of it, too.
  • Want to run drugs in his building...? That fine, but follow the rules about who you can sell to and pay him his cut.
  • Want to run whores on the streets around The Timmons...? Again, that's fine, but pay Peter his cut ... and bring him some pussy once in a while.
  • Want to molest little children, beat your wife, or take pictures of little girls and sell them on the internet...? Oh, maybe I made a mistake when I said "He doesn't really care much about what you are doing..." You, my friend, are about to "vanished"!
  • To encapsulate Peter Black in one line, he is a man who accepts that there is crime in this world and no one -- not the police and not him -- is going to make it all go away, but there are some things that simply shouldn't happen in this world, and if they are happening in The Timmons Tower, he'd going to stop them.

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