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Devil's Bargin


The club was booming tonight. The music was loud, the beats thudding and you could feel it in your soul.


Hot bodies pressed against each other as they moved on the dance floor. Some probably under the influence of a drug or drink...maybe both..

Cassidy didn't have neither in her body. She preferred to remain high on life. And oh! What a life she had!

22 years old, a daddy's girl and with money to boot! Yeah, she was living the life. She had no shame and if she were a guy, she'd be known as a player, but nope, as a female, she was known as a slut.


It didn't matter. She could do what she wanted and didn't have to worry about anything.

Sure there were those that were jealous. But that was their problem, not hers. If they had time to be jealous about her, then they had too much time on her hand.

Cassidy only thought about one person. Herself.
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Beneath the pounding of the club, a deeper thrum could be heard, but only by one individual. It beat a fast, rhythmic pulse through his body, compelling him as it always did towards darkness, and dark thoughts. Like a heartbeat of eternity it pulled him forwards, so that he moved through the crowds, slipping like a ghost past women and men alike.

He felt their gazes upon him as he passed, like hot coals on his back. The men jealous, the women instantly wanting. He ignored both for now, he was on the prowl.

When he spotted her there, dancing like the strumpet she was, he felt an instant hunger, a desire that transcended typical carnal cravings. She was what the sound had meant for him to find.

Some, perhaps, would have questioned this. Would has asked what cosmic instrument was in play that led him so inexorably towards her. Some of his brethren had contemplated such thoughts across the eternity of time, has tried to explain it, and gone mad in the attempt.

For him, it was as simple as this. If God had a plan for us all, would it not follow that his counterpart might have the same. It was a thought that brought the hunter no end of amusement. Onto the game though...And so much more to come.

Expertly he wove himself closer to her, applying a subtle pressure to those around him, directing them away from her, shooing them from his conquest. It wasn't exactly a command, even a suggestion that they felt. Just an idea that parted them around her, leaving his path clear.

He moved in behind her, laying one hand carefully along her side as he spoke, whispering into her ear. Letting her feel just a fraction of his power in those words. Compelling her at a level that she would not even perceive.

"You dance like a woman who wants something...I want things too."

At this his hand shifted, briefly running along her ass, feeling the supple muscles in it, their movement as she danced. When she turned to him, she would find his 6'2" body against hers, see the dark intensity in his gaze.

He had used many names throughout the ages, countless titles and identities. From these he plucked one, smiling as he delivered it.

"I am Seth."
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