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Post Stranger in the house.

I'm one of the aspiring authors on this site, I've got a few stories published here and I want to write a couple of stories centered around a Sci Fi 'world' I've created. As you'll see if you check my profile, my stories tend to be long ones, so far I have the intro and a chapter written of a Femdom tale. I am also constructing storyboards for three others I hope to write.

My problem is I want the background and interactions to be credible and in all honesty I can only draw inspiration from other stories and a few video clips I've downloaded. Though my work has faults I consider myself a competent and capable writer but I'm stretching the envelope a little in attempting these.

I could ask my questions straight out but it might be better if you knew the background to it, the context and the sort of answer I needed. Some of my questions might seem silly, in one story the Dom and sub need to negotiate a contract, in another there are group social scenes where I have to chart the interactions of older, long time partnered Dommes and their subs with a newbie and generate advice from them to him.

What I'd like to do, if someone's interested, is send off a copy of my story by pm or email (Warning, it's already ten thousand words plus) so they'd know where the story was coming from and going to.

Well, I hope I've explained myself properly, all that's left is for me to do is pre-thank anyone who want's to help.

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