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Smile Please Read me!!!!!!!

Hi, I am an eighteen year old male in the USA.

I'll be happy to share my name with you, but for now you can just call me J.

I'm looking for someone to have some fun with. I'd be up for writing and trading stories, chatting, texting, talking on the phone, or doing cam.

I'd most prefer talking on the phone and texting, but I am really up for ANYTHING at all.

And I understand if you want to get to know me better first, but I am comfortable enough with this site and the cool people on it that I can respond right back to your email with my number if you want, or you can email me your number.

And like I said I am up for anything at all, even if you just want to chat online and trade emails and stories.

A little bit about me, - I am 5'9, skinny but muscular, and pretty well endowed. I'll be happy send pictures and tell you anything else you'd like to know.

I love writing, art, poetry, music, vices, and the outdoors. I am an author, I love writing stories both non-erotic and very erotic- and I'm pretty good.

I'm straight so I am looking for a girl/woman but I also love couples and mmfs situations.

I am open to any age, I do have a thing for older women though whether it's a couple years or a couple decades. I'd be cool with any age though.

A bit about my turn-ons, beside older women... I love exploring new fetishes and fantasies and get really turned on see my partner in pleasure and doing whatever dirty perverted thing gets them off. I love to watch a woman's face as she orgasms.

I am a bit inexperienced but a very sexual and horny person. I have a very high libido, I am horny 24/7 and could cum all day. I like a woman being in charge and teaching/instructing me. I like older woman and milfs/cougars too for partly that reason, their experience, among many other reasons.

But I am also good being in charge and dominating too if that's what gets you off.

Being tied up or having someone tied up is a turn on, but I am not super into the BDSM stuff unless that's what my partner would want.

I do have a bit of a cum fetish, both male and female cum. I love facials, cum eating, cum play, kissing with cum, cum swapping, bukkake, squirting, cumming in panties. Seeing a woman licking my cum or covered in it and enjoying it gets me super hard. I would love to eat your pussy after cumming in or on your pussy. I love to make out after I cum in a girls mouth, and eating/licking my own cum is a big turn on only when it really turns on my partner. One fantasy is to ejaculate multiple times all over a woman's body & hair and then fucking and licking each others cum and sweat mixed together off each other's body.

I have a bit of a legs, thighs, foot fetish but that's for sure not my number one turn-on. But they do turn me on and cumming on them specifically also does too.

I also like these fantasy scenarios- teacher, neighbor milf, doctor, therapist.

Anal/rimming would also be something I'd love to try, to do to someone or to have a woman rim/finger me. I also find it really hot when a woman has a DP fantasy or is into m/m/f & f/m/f threesomes or group sex. The dirtier the woman the better!

So I am up for anything at all, whatever you want to do, but I am really looking for someone to talk and connect with. I have been posting on craigslist and other sites for a while but they mostly suck, so I really hope I can find someone here.

If you end up living close to me or want to meet up sometime I would definitely be up for that too, but I am also looking for someone to just talk with- and talk dirty with. So please if you are reading this, contact me!!!

Or private message me if you prefer

Send me anything you'd like, your # and we can get right to talking/texting, or we can start by exchanging emails and see where we would like to take it. Feel free to tell me about yourself and what you like, and ask anything you'd like to know.

Hope to hear from you soon,

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My yahoo IM is strawberryblue420
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