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Funny, people mention getting fucked constantly,dressing like a slut and getting the boys to drool, and I of course wouldn't do that (yeah, right, whose kidding who....). Seriously, though, I think mine would be not as erotic, as weird as it sounds. I think for me it would be doing all the mundane things, getting my hair done, getting prepared in the morning (hair, makeup), getting my nails and toenails done, being able to shop for women's clothing and shoes in 'normal' stores (hopefully as a woman wouldn't be what I was in transition, large sized with bigger feet, to be able to buy all the cool shoes n normal sizes, oh my), and I think the biggest one would be being able to interact with other women as one, hanging out in a woman's bar (lesbian bar I mean), and having it be a natural interaction...it is the one thing I miss among the many things when I was in late transition, I was for the most part interacting with other women as a women, they were treating me like one, and I miss that most of all (For the record, I am not saying that everything about being a woman is great, they also can get treated like shit by other women, as I was at times, and of course the general way they can get shit on., like the mechanic who tried to pull the wool over my eyes when I got a car repaired late in transition, he caught a mouthful and nearly got the toe of my favorite boots up his ass for it). Women react and interact with men totally differently, and I miss that interaction a lot.
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Two words......multiple orgasms

......whatever way possible

Always been envious of that

I'd also try dressing in clothes that I love to see women wear. See if they are as sexy to wear as I find them to see. Leggings with flip flops and a tunic top. Sundresses and sandals. Painted toenails.
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Originally Posted by switchbitch View Post
yeah I know its sorta like incest without the guilty feel right?
Incest has always interested me but yeah best friends are practically family so it's ALMOST the same thing
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Originally Posted by Stella_Omega View Post
You know.. you wouldn't believe how hard it is to get multiple guy scenes happening. Straight guys just fo into connuptions at the idea of *gasp* TOUCHING MALE SKIN BY MISTAKE OH GHAWD I'M A HOMO NOW And gay guys, of course, are waay too busy fucking each other, like a pile of sluts. Bi guys are your best bet, but so many of them live deep in closets and won't risk coming out to each other.

Also for women there's the whole thing of gossip happening, and if it gets out that she's done something like that once, she's pretty much considered fair game for every horny asshole dude. If she gets raped later on in her life, she won't get a conviction because she's had too much sex and we all know what that means.

So guys, if you want to go fuck a bunch of guys, go do that. You actually can, as a dude, easier than women can. If I turned into a guy for a week I would go straight to the local Eagle bar and get naked and sweaty with the rest of the boys!

But-- do it safely, pleeeze.
I'm really not so sure about that. I live in the bible belt and there are multiple women that have run up a larger number of guys than me. Of course, it also might depend on the intended targets. If you're talking really slutty guys like truckdrivers and construction/repair crews, women can really run up the score and have plenty of group sex. From what I've been told by women they tend to be even dirtier and sluttier on average than guys in an adult store/bathouse. Going to a sex club should work and an adult store might be a good option, too. While some of them require women to have a male escort, that should be a non-issue for the ones slutty enough to want to fuck a ton of guys like that.

Of course, women also seem to have an easier time running up the score on women, since there's more likelyhood of skipping the dating/hanging out and jumping right into bed.
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it's a wunnaful world you live in, Infinity. I have had eras in my life when I could live that way, but careers and other considerations have an impact.
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Well there probably isn't anything I would do that I haven't done as a man, except of course intercourse. However I am sure with my luck, that would be the one week that I get my period.

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Originally Posted by sarel101 View Post
Two words......multiple orgasms

......whatever way possible

Always been envious of that
Umm. Yeah. This.

But this, sadly, is the way of the real world.
Originally Posted by Sexyladykate View Post
You know, I think I would probably get a promotion at work. That'd be nice. Apparently incompetence and a penis is all it takes. but not an incompetent penis, mind you.
Originally Posted by DemianBiros View Post
If I were to retain my skill set,explore the "glass ceiling "situation.Have known a lot of female metal workers,and their skills are as high as mine,but a lot burn out pushing against that barrier.Oh,and fuck like a weasel in rut.
Originally Posted by LauraWilling View Post
I would also like going places and not always be aware of my surroundings
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Originally Posted by switchbitch View Post
why thankyou and keep rubbing those lamps
Er, lamps... yeah...

Amiable British guy, happy to chew the fat with creative sexy people. Say hi if you're passing - Nutters and freaks welcome :-)
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I don't know why, but if I was a guy for even a day, I'd enjoy having a wank and knowing what it's like to cum on something. Maybe even having a wank in a position I could cum on my own face (that's the sluttyness in me shining though hehe).

That and peeing standing up, being able to drink more than two glasses of wine before I'm on the floor.. Etc

PM me, I don't bite. I have MSN and YAHOO if anyone wants a chat
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if I were the opposite gender for a week---,
I'd never have to work another day in MY LIFE
or my grandsons life for that matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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klippert1 on kik
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If I were I'd want to try this...


Last edited by klippert : 01-29-2013 at 09:27 AM.
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I would dress....

in as many sexy beautiful outfits I could get my hands on. Wear VS panties and bras.... go out in public and enjoy feeling beautiful....
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Service as many men as I could before the week was out and then try to find a way to stay that way.
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Originally Posted by sarel101 View Post
Two words......multiple orgasms
......whatever way possible
Always been envious of that
This! I'd certainly burn a week's vacation for this, and get every sex toy imaginable. I'd definitely try my turn at that pulsating hand held shower massager as well, the one I've held in my own hands many times, but certainly never with the same effect it has on women!

I would get a kick of walking around lady's changing rooms and showers and get serious eye candy without them knowing I'm actually a perv man on the inside!
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Next Life

Originally Posted by LiquidMatthew View Post
...what would you do?
I have always said...In my next life I am returning as a single promiscuous bisexual woman.
* More tools for seduction
* More sensual clothes
* Multiorgasmic
* Three orifices are better than two
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I have also always said I'd like to be a woman in my next life. I'm all about learning both sides of the story, after all, and at this point I know all I need about being a man. Of course, in the next life, I won't remember anything I learned in this one...catch 22, I guess. But oh, to be able to wear skirts and have multiple orgasms!
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I would fuck every hole that I could find, including my own ass. I have thought about this a milllion times I would go total manwhore for the day. nothing would be safe men, women, farm animals, unicorns, random holes in walls doors and fruit etc......LoL! It would be an epic fuckapolusa!
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Old 02-11-2013, 08:56 AM   #68
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i would atleast allow two three guys who know are dying to fuck me allow and create opportunity for act
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Originally Posted by jackielicker View Post
I am so hard thinking about this (and I've thought of it many times before).

I'd dress sexy, but not slutty, but have super-slutty lingerie underneath. I'd tease relentlessy, guys and girls - pushing my ass against a guy on a subway, or letting my breasts brush against his arm.

I'd have my shirt open enough so that people could enjoy nice long looks.

Lots of bending, squatting, suggestive poses.

In short, I'd be the real girl I pretend to be when I dress.

Oh, and in the MFM, I'd make my guys do it with one another, teaching them how to suck cock properly.

Also, in the group scene, I'd have one in every hole.

Can't say it any better. You plucked it from my mind fully formed.
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Old 02-15-2013, 06:48 PM   #70
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I'd be the happiest guy on earth.
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I would walk around dressed like this all day and wait for the mailman

Last edited by heyrocky : 12-15-2014 at 12:02 AM.
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I asked my girl this last week while I was on top of her. I asked what if we traded places for a week, she replied " I'd fuck the piss out of you " So hot!!
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Originally Posted by Ramrod325 View Post
I asked my girl this last week while I was on top of her. I asked what if we traded places for a week, she replied " I'd fuck the piss out of you " So hot!!
Do you guys ever use strap-ons? Sounds like it could be fun to introduce some genderplay.
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I would have my cock sucked as often as possible and I would enjoy ramming it into every tight little cunt that I could find.
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I have an elaborate fantasy about becoming a man for a day and perving it up to the Nth degree- have a woman sucking my cock as I suck off a guy- that would be very intense.
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