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Love Never Dies (Closed)

Life can mean many things for people, some know what horror is. The horror of how savage the human can become. It shows many things, humanity was slowly slipping away from everyone. Someone who was greedy and proud had all the money they wanted, yet did not do anything meaningful for anyone or anything. It kind of scared some people. It scared one person in particular, the girls name was Eden Wolf she was eighteen today.

She had a very good man in her life Damien meant everything to her, yet it was not to be. She did not know what to do without him, everything around her just seemed to turn to shit. Everything around her was soundless, where she did not see black and white. She only saw grey, it was the color of sadness. It was amazing how one man could make her feel like she was worth everything. Smiling a little bit as she looked at the picture of her with Damien.

Running her fingers against the picture, tears formed in her eyes. But they never fell, she was cold, bitter and very angry. Nothing seemed to matter to her, and all she knew was everything was nothing to her. She had no one left, since her parents died two years ago. She had been on her own for so long, it kinda hurt to know what some people thought. Now everything just seemed so different, she had no reason to smile any more.
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