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Two story ideas

The basic idea of the first story is that a man goes out for lunch at a restaurant near his work that has visited for lunch a few times a week for a few months now. There is a particular waitress that he finds attractive, but he's too shy to do much about it, other than always going back to the restaurant. The waittress has noticed the attention, and has flirted a bit, but the man hasn't responded to it. On this particular day, the man is a bit bolder and when the waitress comes over to his table takes a good look at her tits. She notices and when she walks away bends over to give him a quick glimpse of her legs. She was wearing a short skirt already, but she slides it up a bit more so he can see she's not wearing any panties. That causes quite a reaction, the man gets an almost painful erection, and a dot of precum stains his pants. The man gets up from the table to use the washroom at some point and the waitress tells him that the mens room is closed at the moment, and she directs him to a staff only washroom closer to the back of the restaurant. She has noticed his erection and precum on his pants. He goes to the washroom to clean himself up, as it where- he's quite embarassed. She comes to the washroom to knock on the door ostensibly to see if he's okay (it's been a while), he says yes, and then she uses a key to unlock the door. She enters the washroom as he's jerking himself, he turns around in surprise, exposing himself to her. She closes the door, reaches down, and plays with his cock. She leans over, licks the head of his cock, unbuttons his pants and slides them down to his ankles. She licks his cock before sliding it into her mouth and sucking on it. She enjoys the taste of his precum- but before he gets too excited she stops, hops up on to the counter and spreads her legs wide open for him. He goes down on her, licking her pussy, touching her clit. He turns her over so that shes leaning on the counter and licks her pussy some more, licks her ass, and fingers her. She begs him to fuck her, and he does. As he gets closer to cumming, she says he can't cum in her pussy, cause it'll drip out of her all day at work, so she takes his cock back in her mouth, and he blows his load in her mouth- but there's so much of it it leaks out the sides and it dribbles onto her top- so there's a bit of a reminder there for the rest of the day. She swallows as much as she can, they kiss deeply. He goes down on her one more time, fingering her, and bringing her to orgasm- she was worried about getting his cum all over herself in a way that would make going back to work awkward, but he didn't think about the same problem he might have. He gets her cum all over his face and on his shirt. After they clean up (as best they can), they kiss passionately. He has to go back to work though cause he has an important meeting to attend, and he smells like pussy.

I see this could fork in a number of ways- other staff at the restaurant could hear what's going on, and get involved in future stories, or he could get in trouble with his boss (a woman), who takes advantage of him sexually, etc.


The second idea is less fleshed out- it's about a young physician, just out of training and at his first job. He keeps bumping into a young woman on his bus ride home from work. Things start out safely enough, but soon she starts flashing him, and things escalate from there. It's not as fleshed out, mostly cause I was thinking about the first one on my way into work this morning.

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