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Ever find a song you were looking for a long time, and

Then you search for it incessantly, almost obsessively, fail - give up, forget about it, and then voila! - One day you just find it.

I found it today.

The sad part is this song doesn't even do as much for me as I originally thought, but heck I found it today!

Here it is: Brighter Than Sunshine by AquaLung.


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It happens to me all the time, man! I look for them madly. But yeah, often doesn't turn out to be what I expected. But thanks to my obsession towards music, on my list there's always a new song to find.
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I look for them madly. But yeah, often doesn't turn out to be what I expected.
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Haha, yeah. Sort of sucks like that. But isn't that how is for most things?

Things are usually worse/better in your mind--at least it is for me. :P

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