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My specialty is internal medicine. I've had a few female patients who've been quite seductive during an examination; and for obvious reasons I've refrained on acting on their "suggestions"... However those patients had me imagining about many of the encounters I've had that could have easily drifted a different way....

You might want me to do a "house call" for that cough you've been having and to check your nipple/breast discomfort you get from time-to-time. I arrive at your house, white coat on, black bag in hand. Of course, you are shy at first; but thankful that a doctor actually does "house calls". You're in your nightgown because you've needed extra sleep to get well. You suggest I examine you in your bedroom since that area is a bit more private than your living room.

Sitting on your bed and with my stethoscope, I first listen to your chest; your lungs sound fine. I question more about your breast problem.. You tell me when and how often the problem occurs. I then gently slide your sleeping gown off your shoulders to get a better view of your breasts. I ask you to put your hands up, behind to your head, just to see if there is any asymmetry. Then, with your arms back at your side, I exam each breast. I carefully check for any differences between them. I notice you have a slight embarrassed "flush"... but you affirm that, in the past, you really haven't had as thorough an exam as you've needed and a with this "house call"... you feel much more relaxed. After feeling for any tender and non-tender lumps.. I palpate about the aerolea and nipples; giving each a lingering (gentle) squeeze and I roll each nipple between my forefinger and thumb. You smile w/ slightly glazed eyes. Not surprisingly, both your nipples are now hard.. and the skin between you breasts is more mottled and flushed.

You make the comment that I'm certainly the tallest doctor you've had (noticing I'm 6'4"). No doubt also noting my big hands and feet... and imagining "what else"? You then stammer something about also needing a pelvic exam since the last one was a few years back. I say yes, we can do that too; and have you lie down and remove your panties. I have my speculum, happily it's the softer plastic (disposable) type and not the cold metal one. You also comment that you've always felt that using gloves was too impersonal. I agree to forgo my gloves. Since we don't have stirrups I have you spread wide your legs and rock your pelvis back. I carefully part your (labia) pussy lips after moistening them w/ the wetness already there. I comment that I don't seem to need K-Y jelly; you nod and smile.. After a deep exam noting that your cervix looks fine, I remove the speculum.

You then ask me if I can check your "G" spot. I reply it's an area that is hard to see, but easy to feel. I again insert two fingers in your vagina, sliding easily past your very moist labia. I say the G-spot is more easily found when the patient is aroused and that you will probably need some "oral" therapy. You nod in agreement and say "Ohh Yesss..." I move down, my mouth now covering your clit and upper aspect of your labia, my two fingers deep inside. My tongue teases and rhythmically licks mostly your clit. My two fingers stroke your vagina on the underside of your pubic bone. You now groan more and more, grabbing your knees and pulling them back to your breasts... As I focus on the "spot", I feel a slight "firmness" ... you feel electric... You make a barely muffled and sustained "Ohhhhhhhhh...." and flood my hand, face, bed with your juices...

My cock remains bulging, nearly splitting my pants. A full 9" wanting to be free. I wonder if you need an even "d-e-e-p-e-r" exam..!?
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Damn! you really know how to get a girls pussy wet! Thank you for that!
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