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Editoress wanted

I'm looking for an editor, preferredly female, who can help me with a short (2k words) older story that I tried, unsucessfully, to publish here a few years ago when I was still a novice writer and that has been collecting dust on my harddrive ever since. It's a bit different in style from my other stories, so I'm curious to see what the readers' reactions are to that kind of writing. It primarily needs spelling and grammar editing, but I wouldn't mind some input on plausibility and accuracy of my technical descriptions.

The plot is my female main character setting up a self-bondage session with a self-built punishment device as a surprise for her Mistress, only to end up seriously embarrassed when her Mistress brings home a (also female) friend. It involves some wax play and moderate pain, and it's probably not that easy to read because I'm using first person narrative in letter style (she's addressing her Mistress as "you" throughout the story) and it contains, necessarily, a lot of exposition.

If you're intrigued and feel up to it, drop me a pm with your email and the format you prefer.
My Stories:
Casual Acquaintances - A story about female love, control, devotion, pain and pleasure. *)
Becoming Lisa's Pet - An all-girls college coed's willing descent.

*) Übersetzt ins Deutsche: Zufallsbekanntschaft - Eine Geschichte über Frauenliebe, Kontrolle, Hingabe, Schmerz und Lust
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