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Divorced Woman Starts Dating Her Son

A forty year old woman divorces her husband then decides that she would like to start dating other men again.

She begins a regimen of physical training and dieting. After three months, she loses twenty pounds and her body is slender and toned like when she was in her twenties.

The only problem is, much of the weight she lost came from her breasts. Her breasts were once full and firm, but they have became deflated and now sag.

The woman wants to have a "bikini body" like when she was younger, so she gets breast implants.

The results are awesome and she decides it's time for her to begin dating again.

She starts wearing short skirts and sheer blouses without a bra to flaunt her new sexuality.

Two or three times a week the woman goes out to local bars for couple of drinks and dancing, but never finds anybody that she would like to date. The only guys she meets are older men that are obviously married and they stink from alcohol and cigarettes.

What the woman wants is a younger man that appreciates a beautiful mature lady.

One Friday evening she comes home from the bars early. She is surprised to find her twenty year old son alone and watching television in the living room. He is usually out with his girlfriend.

The woman asks her son if he wants a have a drink with her and he accepts. She makes them two stiff drinks then sits next to him on the couch and asks him why he is home alone.

He explains to his mother that his girlfriend is going off to college in another state, so they decided the best thing to do would be to abruptly end their relationship.

The son says to his mother, "I was getting tired of going out with her anyway. I have dated a lot of different girls, but never really liked the ones about my age. My preference is beautiful slender sexy mature women like you. I don't know really how to say this, but since you lost all that weight and got those new boobs, I have a fantasy about having sex with you."

The woman goes to the kitchen to make them another drink, then returns to the living room and sits extra close to her son.

The woman keeps encouraging her son to keep talking about how he would like to have sex with her. While they are enjoying their drink and having conversation, the woman casually unclasps the top three buttons of her blouse so her son has a clear view of her naked breasts.

After they finish their drink, the woman moves even closer to her son and he puts his arm around her.

They begin tongue kissing as the son reaches into his mother's blouse and begins fondling her firm breasts with their hard brown nipples.

A few minutes later the woman stands up and takes off her clothes then gets on her knees between her son's legs.

She unzips his pants and his hard cock springs out. She plays with it for a few moments then leans forward and takes it into her mouth.

Several minutes later the woman lays on the couch. Her son quickly strips naked then climbs on top of her and they begin fucking.

Their bodies slap together loudly for three or four minutes then the son suddenly stops and ejaculates in his mother.

The son looks directly into his mother's eyes and says, "Mom, that was the best fuck that I have every had. I'm sorry that it didn't last very long because I was too excited. In the morning I promise to take my time and bring you to an orgasm if you want me to."

The woman replies to her son, "Oh honey, that's so sweet of you to say. Of course I want you to fuck me in the morning. From now on, you can fuck me anytime you want."

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not my cuppa tea, but a good outline, Mother son seems popular right now. I say flesh out the sex & submit.
finally a new story:

Bad Grandpa

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