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Dom in the office, sub in the bed (closed)

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Dom in the office, sub in the bed

Audrey Jonson had been a powerful lady since she could remember. As a little girl she had always managed to get what she wanted from her parents, teachers, friends... No one could say no to her. And she used as many strategies as she could. Sometimes she was the nice cute girl no one could deny anything. Sometimes she begged in tears. But the one she liked the most was the "bossy girl". Somehow she found out that whatever she demanded was finally given to her. And when she realized that, she stuck to it.

And it turned out fine, as she got married to the guy she chose, she lived in the city she always wanted, and she became the head of her own company.

Audrey liked power, yes. But somehow she was getting bored of it. No one ever questioned her, not even Tim, her husband. He always did what she told him and there was no way he would decide about anything. At the beginning it was perfect. As usual, she got what she wanted when she wanted it. But now she was missing some kind of action.

But as any other morning, that day Audrey drove to work knowing her word would be followed and no one else's would.

Once in her office, she checked her schedule. Probably it would be the same old day. Job from 9 to 5, gym at 6, lovely husband at home at 8... "Oh, new meat!" she was glad to see that today a new worker was coming. A guy named "Ben" had been transferred from another branch office. Her face lit up. She checked her clock. 8.50. Perfect. In ten minutes he should be entering her office to introduce himself, so she had plenty of time to get ready.

Audrey moved to the little bathroom in her office. Naughty sexy boss, that is what she liked to show for the first time, and see how her workers would react. She checked her looks in the mirror. Perfect, as usual. Short straight blonde hair lovely combed. Perfectly ironed black skirt suit. Pristine white button shirt. That would need a little tweak. One, two, three buttons unfastened, and she looked more like what she wanted, her purple laced bra hinted. Audrey opened her arms and readjusted it. "Perfect!"

8.59 when she reached her desk again. One minute more and Ben would be late. Somehow she was looking forward to it. She hated people being late, so it would give her the first excuse to tell him off.
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