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Wedding Dresses and Naughty Brides

I've made a start on the father of the bride and his daughter's story. I've told it from the best man's view so it can cut straight to the action.

I wandered away from the wedding reception feeling nervous about my upcoming best man’s speech. It wasn’t that I wasn’t any good at giving speeches like these and Warren had been my friend since we started out in high school so I wasn’t short of material. No, I was worried that seeing his new bride there in her gorgeous wedding dress I wouldn’t be able to help my true feelings from bursting out.
Jessica was absolutely drop dead gorgeous. She was like every man’s fantasy woman, tall, curvy with long legs and a great rack. Her face was perfection with big brown eyes and full lips that no man could look at without soon imagining them wrapped around his dick.
Today, her wedding day, Jessica looked especially gorgeous. Her long dark hair was teased into wavy curls over which her thin veil hung. Her shimmering white dress was tight across the bodice, clinging to the curve of her breasts but opened out into a full wide skirt. Walking up the aisle on the arm of her father, Evan, her beautiful lips, wet and glistening, were spread in a brilliant smile that showed off all her perfect teeth.
At first, I was happy for my best friend to have scored such an incredible looking woman, but as time went on and the relationship became more serious I began to be eaten up with envy. I longed to see Jessica naked, to have my wicked way with her.
Now that they were married I could see that that would never happen and it was making me flush with awkward annoyance. This was why I left the reception at that point. I could barely look Warren in the eye. I had scanned the room for Jessica but could see her nowhere. I was both disappointed and relieved at that and, as I wandered out of the reception hall and up the stairs I half wondered if I was looking for her, if I was going to tell her something I’d come to regret.
The reception was being held in the function hall of a small hotel and the bride and groom, their families and some of the main guests like myself were staying in rooms upstairs. This is where I headed now.
One of the room doors was a little ajar and I was drawn towards it for this reason. As I walked closer, wondering if one of the bridesmaids or even Jessica herself was up there, needing some adjustment to her outfit or something, I heard the unmistakeable sound of a moan of pleasure. So, that’s why whoever it was had gone back up to their room, they were having a much better time than the guests down at the reception.
I was about to turn my back politely on whatever sordid scene was happening in that hotel room, I was no voyeur by nature, when I heard a voice above the sensual moan.
‘Oh boy, that’s it, give it to me,’ came the soft sighs of an all too familiar voice.
It was Jessica. The bride. And I knew full well that her new husband Warren was downstairs at the reception. I had just left him there moments earlier. So, who could she possibly be begging to give it to her now?
My resolution of a few seconds earlier to leave the happy couple well alone was quickly broken. I had to see what was happening as much from a burning desire to see Jessica in a state of naked arousal and curiosity about what guy had been able to do what I couldn’t as a desire to defend my newlywed friend’s honor from his already straying wife.
Creeping closer I peered through the open doorway and was greeted with one hell of a sight. There on the bed lay the object of all my dirty fantasies legs spread and getting screwed. Jessica, the blushing new bride, had the full, virginal white lace skirts of her wedding dress shoved messily up around her waist revealing the full length of her smooth, sensual legs and the lace garter around them. Her chest was pushed up and out, her cascades of dark hair, veil still perched on top, were thrown back in ecstasy.
If seeing the beautiful new bride in this state of sexual disarray was enough to give me an almost instant boner, I found my shocked attention equally on the man who was lucky enough to find himself between those garter wearing legs, thrusting his eight inch dick deep and hard into Jessica’s wet pussy.
Of course I recognised that suit, the jacket with tails, and the man wearing it, his strong, muscular bearing, his dark curly hair a little greying. It was Evan. Evan, the father of the bride. The man who had happily given his daughter away to her new husband earlier that afternoon was now thrusting his big, quivering dick into her wet pussy harder and harder, all while she, still wearing her pristine wedding dress begged her daddy to fuck her.
‘Oh yes, that’s so good,’ Jessica moaned, ‘Fuck me, fuck me harder Daddy. I want you to cum inside me again.’
‘I will soon, honey, if you keep that up,’ Evan replied, thrusting into his daughter’s cunt, his hands pushing her wedding skirts out of the way to grab her bare thighs, pulling her deeper onto him, ‘Your dad’s gonna give you the first real good fuck of your married life!’
‘Yes, Daddy, yes, that’s what I want,’ Jessica moaned, ‘Fill your bride daughter with your hot spunk, soil my pretty wedding dress!’
I watched completely amazed as Evan, who I had never quite figured for such a well hung stud, banged his beautiful daughter until she was begging and moaning for more. I felt so many feelings at once. Shock at the incestuous scene before me, jealousy of Evan getting his dick in such a hot girl as Jessica, embarrassment at how I couldn’t tear myself away. More than anything, though, I felt terribly turned on at seeing the so perfect seeming Jessica so defiled.
My dick was almost as hard as Evan’s as I watched him pushing it between his daughter’s eager thighs, sliding in and out of her pussy as her long legs wrapped around him, her white heels stuck up in the air in a manner certainly undignified for a dolled up new bride in her wedding dress.
I almost shot a load in my own pants as Evan started blowing his spunk into Jessica’s cunt. Her legs wrapped tighter around him, pulling him deeper inside her. Her head tossed back so her bridal veil was almost lost along with her modesty. I could see the white, slick spunk around her father’s cock leaking from her pussy. Sure enough, just as she had begged, that creamy parental lovejuice was going to drip onto the white bridal lace of her dress, staining it with her naughty incestuous playtime.
‘That’s it, Daddy, fill me up,’ Jessica moaned, ‘Fill me with your spunk.’
‘God you look hot,’ her dad answered with a final spurt of sticky cum over her thighs as he pulled his slick limp cock out, ‘In your beautiful wedding finery, but legs spread and pussy soaked in sperm.’
‘Not just any sperm,’ a naughty smile played over Jessica’s beautiful lips, ‘My own father’s, dripping out of me and over my bridal wear. So sexy.’
At that moment, I heard footsteps on the stairs. I knew that I’d be caught if I spent a moment longer bent over, peering through the gap in the doorway. I had to take a quick split second decision. So I did.
Throwing the door open, I stepped into the room and then slammed it behind me. Jessica, dishevelled, white skirts still hanging around her waist, showing off her cummy cunt, and Evan, pants around his ankle, limp daughter fucking dick hanging out, turned toward me in open mouthed surprise.
‘What the hell is going on?’ I asked, trying to press home my advantage of surprise.
‘Craig…’ Jessica said my name in surprise, ‘How long have you been there? How much have you seen?’
‘I’ve seen everything,’ I said, significantly, shamelessly eyeing up the gorgeous object of my lust filled desires and her semi-naked dishevelled body.
‘Maybe you should take a seat,’ her father said, tucking his dick back into his pants so he was once more dressed as the respectable father of the bride, ‘And perhaps we’ll give you an explanation.’
I did as he asked, noticing that Jessica did nothing to cover up her open legs, wet pussy or the cum dripping down her bare thigh toward her lacy garter. Struggling to take my eyes of the just fucked bride, I listened as she and her father explained just how they had ended up like this.

Anybody want to see more?
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And here's the next part

‘It all began last night,’ Evan began, ‘The night before your wedding is always a nervous one. It’s a time when you start to worry about all the things you haven’t done, all the things you might not be able to do once you’ve been married.
‘Of course, the nervous bride can’t see her future husband before the wedding, it’s bad luck. So, Jessica came to me, her old dad, to seek comfort. She was dressed in nothing but a thin cream colored satin chemise that showed off the curve of her cleavage. Naturally, I had noticed that my little girl had blossomed into a gorgeously beautiful woman. I’d have to be blind not to see how desirably perfect Jessica’s hot body was. But, of course, as her father, I wasn’t allowed to lust after her even if her beauty was so obvious.’
‘I always loved my dad,’ Jessica smiled, ‘He’s always been there for me. But as I grew into womanhood, grew into this curvy new body I felt more new feelings towards him. I had wondered what kind of lover this strong, supportive man might make, but I had always pushed these feelings to the back of my mind. Besides, I was marrying Warren, I should have been happy.’
‘She came to talk to me about her doubts and concerns about her wedding day,’ Evan went on, ‘She needed me to comfort her and so I did. I told her everything would turn out alright and I took her in my arms and hugged her, feeling the curves of her womanly body pressed against me through her thin chemise. I stroked her shining dark hair and she looked up into my eyes with her deep brown eyes wide and grateful.
‘And then, before I could really understand what was happening, she kissed me. This was no father-daughter kiss, though, this was deep and lingering, a lover’s kiss. Her lips were so thick and soft, her tongue ran around my lips and into my mouth. It felt so good, so right. But this was my daughter, and she was getting married in the morning.’
‘I don’t know why I kissed him,’ Jessica added, ‘But I just know that I wanted him so bad. As he held me in his arms I knew that whoever I was about to marry, the man I really wanted was right here. I was being led mostly by instinct and those feelings that I had pushed deep inside myself but were my deepest strongest feelings.
‘I don’t know what I would have done if Daddy hadn’t kissed me back, probably made up some excuse about being nervous and confused, maybe I was. Anyway, he did kiss me back and it was the most amazing sensual embrace, so powerful and right and yet naughty at the same time. Kissing my father like a lover was not what I was supposed to do and that’s why it turned me on.
‘I slipped the thin bit of satin that was all I was wearing over my shoulders and dropped it in a heap at my feet, revealing my whole naked body to my father. My nipples were erect and there was a yearning desire between my thighs, I longed to feel my dad invade me, my pussy was already getting wet at the thought.’
‘Naked she looked even better than I could have ever imagined,’ Evan said, ‘I had always tried to stop myself from thinking of my daughter in this way, but there was no help for it, she was the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen. Her body, her round breasts, narrow waist, long legs, they were all perfect. I wanted her so badly that the fact she was my own daughter only made me want her more.
‘“I want you Daddy,” she sighed in a sensual, soft voice, “I want you to fuck me.”
‘She was already pulling my shirt off and running her fingers over my naked chest. Her other hand was on my crotch and she could feel how aroused this was making me as she unbuttoned my pants.
‘“But, you’re getting married in the morning, honey,” I protested, as if that was the most taboo thing about a father screwing his pre-wedding daughter.
‘“Well, then, this is the last chance we might have to do this,” Jessica smiled, her wide mouth and full lips looked so good I couldn’t help wanting to feel them around my manhood, “I don’t want to be feeling regret at never having my hard daddy inside me when my new husband comes to fuck my pussy. I want to know what it feels like to get fucked by you and then I can go to my wedding at peace.”
‘Remarkably, I was swayed by this argument. Like a horny teen I was obviously thinking with my pecker and it said, “Go for it, you know you want it, you want your hot daughter more than anything. She’s right, this could be your last chance to have your way with that beautiful body”.
‘I couldn’t back out now. I was far too aroused to stop and Jessica was far too good a seductress. As she pulled off my pants and my semi-hard penis sprung free I knew I was going to fuck my daughter and I knew it was going to be the best sex of my life. As she held my cock in her soft hand her big brown eyes widened even further, something that made me instantly stiffer.’
‘I’d never seen nor held a dick this big, it was a good couple of inches longer than Warren’s and much thicker,’ Jessica picked up the story again, licking her full, soft lips at the thought of her father’s hardon, ‘It thrilled me to feel it stiffen in my hand and I was instantly utterly fascinated by it. Our family’s Jewish so, unlike Warren’s, my dad’s dick is cut. It’s head glistened with pre cum, a great swollen bell that I wanted inside me.
‘Dad, acting almost on auto-pilot pushed me to my knees. My hand was still on his beautiful, veiny shaft as I began to stroke it, making it stiffer and stiffer. I had never much cared for giving head with Warren but this was different. This was my father, I wanted to please him. I opened my mouth and began to lick his shaft and to hear him moan.
‘“Is that good, Daddy,” I sighed, “Do you like your daughter’s dick licking?”
‘“Yes, Jessica, yes,” he replied, “You’re so good. Take Daddy’s dick in your mouth.”
‘His hands were on the back of my head, looping through my hair as he pulled me in to his groin. I opened my mouth and now I was swallowing my own parent’s erection. I was going right down on my dad and it was making me wetter than ever. In moments I was bobbing back and forth on that eight inch shaft like a porn star pro, on my knees giving the best blow job I had ever given, my fiancé couldn’t be further from my mind.
‘“Wow, Jessica, my hot little girl, you give amazing head,” my dad moaned, “Keep going, this feels so good. No wonder anyone would want to make you their blushing bride!”
‘These words reminded me that a little more than 12 hours after being here sucking off my father, he was supposed to give me away at my wedding. The feeling of guilt this gave me should have given me second thoughts about continuing, but it actually made the whole incestuous cocksucking situation even naughtier. It was that kinkiness that made me suck faster and better, sealing my lips around dad’s dick and deep throating him.’
‘I was feeling so turned on by my daughter’s oral attentions, but at the same time I was filled with envy for her fiancé, for the thought that such incredible blowjobs would be his forever more,’ Evan cut back in, reminding me of the exact same feeling in myself whenever I imagined Warren with Jessica, ‘Even that jealous thought drove me on, though, knowing I could never share such an incredible moment with my daughter again.
‘As she sucked me off I felt a light headed thrill, my dick was as rock hard as it had ever been and I could see she was just as aroused, her hand flicking over her pussy even as her head bobbed back and forth on my quivering arousal. She gasped for air, alternating to licking my slick hardness instead and I knew I wanted to take this on a step.
‘“Jessica, sweetie, I want to fuck you,” I said, thinking of no other way to phrase it, “I want to stick my dick in my daughter’s cunt and screw her as hard as I can.”
‘“Oh yes, Daddy, yes please,” she purred, “Do me. Do me now, Daddy,” she pushed me back onto the couch so my dick stuck up like a flagpole between my legs, “Fuck my cunt until you fill me with parental spunk. That’s all the wedding present I want from you, a sticky load of Daddy’s cum up inside me.”
‘That turned me on more than anything. The idea of cumming inside my beautiful daughter the night before I had to give her away in marriage made me incredibly aroused. I longed to feel her pussy around my dick and I didn’t have to wait long. Jessica’s long legs stood astride where I sat and she began to lower her wet hole over my stiff hardness.’
‘Just as Dad’s cock had felt thicker and longer than any I’d known before when I took it in my mouth, so it filled my cunt up more than I was used to in any other. It was a little effort to slide down his pole until it filled my right up, an effort I had never required with Warren. Feeling my dad’s cock right in my pussy was the greatest feeling I’d ever had, the way it rubbed against every sensitive part of me was driving me wild.
‘I began to ride it. Sliding myself up and down, penetrating my wetness with my dad’s firm rod, desperate to get every sensation I could from him. His hands caressed my breasts making me gasp as he stroked my erect nipples before moving down to grasp around my narrow waist, pulling me down deeper and deeper onto him.’
‘“Oh, that’s so good,” my daughter moaned, driving me wild with her passion, tossing her dark hair around, “I love the feel of you inside me, Dad, keep going, keep fucking your girl.”
‘Her incredible breasts flew back and forth, jiggling around as she rode my dick with increasingly reckless abandon. Whenever I could I sucked on her quivering, erect nipples and was rewarded with a giggled thrill of pleasure from her wide open mouth.
‘I could hardly bear it any longer. I pushed Jessica to the floor and she spread her long legs as wide as they could go, showing off the wet pink lips of her shaved cunt. Getting between her legs, I pushed myself into her, shafting her with my thick dick with all the control I could, knowing that I could not hold out much longer, that within minutes, if not seconds, I would fill my beautiful offspring with my seed.’
‘“I know tomorrow is my wedding night,” I sighed, speaking from the passions deep within me, that place deep inside where my dad’s monster cock was hitting a spot that made me feel a light headed passion like never before, “But tonight is the night I’ll always remember.”
‘I felt his thrusting become more irregular, his face caught in the throes of passion and I knew that his climax was as near as the one throbbing within me, just waiting to burst out. I tried to hold myself back until I could feel my dad’s ejaculation inside me.
‘“Come on, Daddy, do it, fill me up,” I begged, “Fill me with your dirty lovejuice. Make your daughter your cum slut.”
‘That seemed to do it. Those were the words that sent him over the edge. As I let my body give in to wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure, I could feel my father doing the same, could feel, as my tight pussy clamped down on his dick, his sticky juices shooting into me, filling my cunt with spunk until it was leaking out.
‘As my head spun and every fibre of my being seemed to burst with ecstasy I realised that Warren had never given me a moment like this. Maybe I had never really achieved a full and complete orgasm quite this way before. It seemed the only way for me to climax as much as possible was to get screwed by my own father. There was no question of my actual wedding night ever matching this. This was a unique moment of pure delight.’
‘Naturally we swore that this was a one off incident, that nobody would ever know the shamefully naughty arousing thing we had done as father and daughter,’ Evan concluded this part of the story, ‘We agreed that we were only doing this because Jessica was to be married in the morning and that, after she was married, she would, obviously, stay faithful to Warren.’
He paused and glanced significantly at his daughter, still brazenly showing her just fucked pussy up the skirts of her lacy white wedding dress. Then both looked at me. I could see that they had noticed quite how obvious my erection was even in the suit I wore as best man.
I couldn’t help it. I had lusted after Jessica for so long, to see her like this, to hear Evan describe the thrill of fucking her, to hear her tell of how much she enjoyed feeling his dick inside her, it had all been too much for me. At some point this story had shifted from being an explanation to me, an apology for the extreme inappropriateness of a father fucking his daughter on her wedding day and had become, instead, an extremely erotic reliving of the incident, a complete turn on.
I could no longer claim to be shocked and offended. I was there to enjoy the sensual thrills of my fantasy object and her father’s story. It was getting me off and I longed to hear more as much as I longed for Jessica’s hot body for myself.
‘Naturally we agreed all that,’ Evan went on, ‘And you can see how that worked out, how much we kept to our agreement to make this a one time thing.’
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