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Mommy Fetish??

Good day everyone.

Not to sure if it is a Mommy fetish or what it should be called.

My GF (60) the other night when i was sucking her breasts, i got really into it.
She has inverted nipples, so i pay more attention to them. You see, she is self consious about them,
so to show her it matters not to me, i pay special attention to them. Anyway, while doing that she said that she is getting close to cumming. She also asked me if I get comforted by sucking them.

That really turned me on that she was close to cumming while Sucked her breasts.

The comfort part....... well lets just say I cannot deny feeling comfort sucking her. I am Male(51)

Any other women love giving their breasts to their men for comfort, is it a comfort thing?

Thanks for your responses and by the way I have never made a spelling mistake.

I am a creative speller.
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