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Butt plug....extended wear experiences

I am planning to start wearing a butt plug for extended wear, possibly the Njoy pure plug or the 2.0 model. Any suggestions from your experience?
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I do not have any personal experience, but I have read posts where the poster said he had difficulty removing it after extended wear.

I did not ask since it is not my thing. I suspect he may have been using a water based lube. The lower end of the large colon absorbs water so it may absorb what ever water is in the lube leaving the plug dry and difficult to remove.

You may want to use a lube that is not water based or see if you can find the thread and ask the O/P if you can find him.

If nothing else I'd do some research were I you.

I hope this is helpful.

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Good advice, I have seen recommendations to use silicone based lubes.
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I'm too lazy to search, as were you , but there's a great article in here somewhere on this for overnight wear. The lube dries but your body forms a mucous barrier and can pass it later. but I imagine if you were not sleeping but moving around, this wouldn't work well. You'd have to add lube periodically probably.
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very tight undergarments will help keep it comfortably in space
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I would recommend putting a condom over it with, of course, lube on the outside of the condom, and lube between the condom and the plug. That way, if anything goes wrong with the outer layer of lube, the inner layer still allows for safe extraction.
BTW, make sure that everything is compatible. That is, don't put oil based lube on a latex condom or silicone lube on a silicone plug, etc.
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I wear a seven inch circumference plug for 40 hrs per wk,I use a condom with water based lube between the plug and condom,it helps when moving around ,tight underwear helps hold it in .
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I wear my plug for my lover while I am at work. So hot and horny
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No problems with a metal plug and a water based lube all day at work... Perhaps because the the top and the base are rather bigger than the bit in the middle (of this makes sense?) it's pretty comfortable...
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