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Best friend's step father

I have this idea from when I was 20 and stayed at my best friend's house for a week or so. Her step father has been around for about 2 or 3 years now married to her mom and I've noticed he has a rugged handsomeness to him and seems very serious most of the time. I had been there a couple nights when I was having a shower and noticed someone watching through the crack in the bathroom door (guess I didn't have it closed tight). It gets me very turned on so I give him a show. Later when I'm with my friend I tell her about her step dad and she is shocked saying there was no way. But the more we talk about it the more I see is excited about it. She dares me to prove he is interested. So we wait until it's really late and I go to the living room in my booty shorts and tank. I make small talk with him seeing he has had quite a few drinks and he is not shy about looking at me. I know my friend is watching hidden and so waste no time in getting to seducing him. I suck his cock and he bangs the heck out of me until his wife, my friend's mom comes home. She was supposed to be away for another day. I start to panic as she has walked in on us, him behind me thrusting hard with a handful of my hair. He doesn't stop though and now this woman I have known for so many years is touching me. They both use me on the couch and when I return to the bedroom my friend is sitting there is shock.

A second part to this I would envision my friend now wanting me to be with her and her boyfriend. Like mother like daughter.

Thoughts or any interested takers let me know. :
“They were the strongest hands I ever felt, he held me down by the back of my neck pressing my face into the mattress as his powerful thrusts quickened and his hard cock plunged into my virgin ass. My muscles ached from being so tense but he continued like a wild animal until he came inside me abruptly thus ending our date. He tossed the money onto my prone and sweaty body and laughed and slammed the door behind him. My boyfriend stepped out of the closet with the video camera and smiled and confirmed I was officially a whore.”
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my kind of story. I'd read it...
finally a new story:

Bad Grandpa

my previous perversions are still at:

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That sounds like a good story line, with lots of potential to add on chapters. Could be really hot.
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