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Prison idea.

The husband (or boyfriend) is sent to a high security prison, accused of being part of a gang...a case of mistaken identity. Whilst in prison he is taken on by a gang of thugs who make his wife send them money.

His wife agrees to visit some of the thugs in order to save the husband. Husband watches on visits as she has to flirt with gang members and be groped, kissing, hand jobs etc. She is made to dress like a slut.

Threats are made to the husband and his wife from the outside gangs and she is made to agree to move into the prison. The prison guards are paid off and allow almost anything to happen in the prison anyway.

Wife moves into the wing of the prison where it is just the husband, the wife and the gang members. She is owned by them and husband has to watch as she is used and abused in every way possible.
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