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Destroying child porn sites & links

I've got myself on a mission today, after going to a porn site I've, for over a year now, thought was good for nice, normal porn. You know how you sometimes have to click then 'X' a link a couple of times before you get what you were clicking for? Today I clicked 4/5 links and got blatantly very young and sick pictures. I've reported them to 2 sites, but have no faith whatsoever that anything will be done about it cos it's not for the attention of the music or film industry, is it.

My question is this; I had a computer genius of a friend in the late 90's who put an hour aside weekly to find these sites and swap their pictures for Auto Trader (UK car mag) pictures. Is there anyone on this site who could teach a very quick learner how to do SOMETHING against this stuff???
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Call the police and report it?!
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hannah, in a lot of cases people upload stuff without the site administration being any the wiser. i say notify the webmaster (there should be a way to do so on the site) and advise of the date on which the file was uploaded. this will help him/her locate the content in question.

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My recommendation is that you jus stick to the more common free porn sites like Xhamster, Youporn, Redtube, and maybe some other ones you trust to be free of inappropriate/illegal material.

Even accidently clicking on a child porn site could land you in hot water. I think Oprah said that. So your best bet is to leave it alone and let law enforcement do their job with this matter.

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