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Butt plug question

I have been really starting to play with my butt in the shower. A terrific feeling. Now i have been reading here about butt plugs. I was thinking of getting a small one and starting out with that.

My Question is do they cause hemarroids?

Also any tips for a safe and comfortable experience?

I am a 51 year old hetro male if that makes a difference in your responses.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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I have a started set of three sizes.
Firstly lube, lots of lube!
Start small and do not rush. Don't force it in, take your time and enjoy it.
If it hurts when you insert it, try to relax, your sphincter muscles will contract over the invader which will make it hurt. I find that pushing against it sometimes helps it go in.
I honestly don't know about the haemerroid part, I imagine others will.
Have fun...and don't forget the lube!
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I'm sure people get hemorrhoids who never in their lives had anal sex, or ever played in that area, so it's probably not an easy thing to determine, statistically. I'm going to take a stab at saying "maybe". But would I know a hemorrhoid when I saw one? Have I ever seen one on a model on the internet? Don't know. But I imagine that anyone who stretches their sphincter out to 3" in diameter has some kind of issue, be it incontinence or whatever. I suspect you'd need to go to an extreme before it really caused any problems though.

But I'm not a doctor. One who works in a large city with a population that does that sort of thing could tell you I imagine, but I doubt it'd be in a medical journal written in any sort of "don't do this" type of form. I have read of hemorrhoids being manually massaged in order to get them to shrink, so it might actually be a way of "treating" them, instead of a cause, in a sort of backwoods witch-doctor kind of way.

But I read all sorts of things that aren't probably true, so again: I AM NOT A DOCTOR.

And I don't have any hemorrhoids either. Aside from being one occasionally, that is.

Other than that, start small. Warm your toy in hot water if you're more comfortable that way. Some have surfaces that do better with lube than others, and the skin in that area isn't very good with being stretched too far or too rough. Lots of links and discussion here, so others have probably said it better than I could.
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I like to think of myself as something of an arse afficiando. OK not really but work with me here. Actually, if you take off the word afficiando you're actually closer to the truth but I digress...

I sincerely doubt anyone ever got 'roids from appropriate plug use. You are more likely to give yourself a small fissure than anything else, however if you use them appropriately you should not experience any problems at all. I have never had issue with plugs, 'roids or fissures. If you already have 'roids you may experience discomfort and bleeding of varying levels depending on the severity of the them.

For a safe and comfortable experience, start small, and ensure it's a proper butt plug with a wide base. Don't just go jamming some random little dildo or object up there. Invest in appropriate plugs. Unlike the vagina, the arse leads to a vast maze so you don't want that plug going in, moving to where it shouldn't be and not coming out. Remember...big base, proper plug. Just ask imemkay, I'm sure she's got some good xrays stories from work she could tell.
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Have you tried disposable ones?
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A hemorrhoid isn't caused by stretching the sphincter muscle, if anything it may help you from getting them. Hemorrhoids are caused by pressure (like straining from constipation, high blood pressure or being overweight). You might get hemorrhoids but it won't be from using butt plugs or dildos. That being said, you CAN hurt yourself if you don't take it slow and use lots of lubrication. Take your time and allow your body to recover between toy sessions. I started out with a butt plug myself, it was about 3/4 of an inch wide. I took it slow and worked my way up. I have probably used 25 to 30 different toys and no telling how many lubes. Now I can handle dildos up to 3 1/2 inches wide and I have no damage or loss of function. My hole looks the same as the day I broke it in. So, don't be in a hurry and use common sense and you are in for a world of back door pleasure.
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Start small, like very small. You can often get a good deal on 'starter packs' which include 3 different sizes. Just lube it up and insert. If it feels uncomfortable stop and try changing the angle your pushing it in.
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i agree start small and don't leave it in too long at first. You will get used to it and probably love it. When i have sex with it in , its a whole explosion happening for me. Good luck
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Originally Posted by Maverick1756 View Post
I have been really starting to play with my butt in the shower. A terrific feeling. Now i have been reading here about butt plugs. I was thinking of getting a small one and starting out with that.

My Question is do they cause hemarroids?

Also any tips for a safe and comfortable experience?

I am a 51 year old hetro male if that makes a difference in your responses.

Thanks in advance for your input.

I was recently reading about anal sex on a different site and there's apparently some medical evidence that suggests anal sex play may actually reduce the incidences of hemorrhoids. The site wasn't recommending anal sex play as a treatment or as a way to avoid anal play, just removing one of the concerns some people have about anal play. So, enjoy!
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Probably not going to get hemroids

I've been playing with my hiney for over 20 years now and have never had hemroids. Start small, go slow, if it hurts, stop. Also there is no such thing as to much lube. Go ahead and buy a quality toy. 20 years ago, product quality sucked. All of the toys my wife and I use are silicone and they are great. Easy clean up and have a really nice texture when lubed up. I personally like width over depth. They way I'm built I "bottom out" at around 7" inserted. The biggest dildo we use in a Strapon harness is 2 1/4" diameter. We go slow with that one and have a great time. It's not to uncommon for me to go 24 hours plugged with a small or medium sized plug.

I'm not sure on the policy of linking to actual products, I have not been on the forum in a while but if you want some recommendations, feel free to private message me. Good luck.
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I've been a GI nurse (butts and guts) for more years than I care to remember. 'Rhoids are typically caused by pregnancy or constipation. As long as you start small, don't get overly aggressive, and use them gently, you shouldn't have a problem.
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