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Seeking One on One Rp.

Hello, I'm quite new to the forums, as is evident. I used to Rp frequently back when AIM and AOL were popular, and I even stayed around a bit when everything switched to RDI. As it is though I'm currently looking for someone whom is at least halfway literate, and it capable of stepping a bit outside the box, as such it seems that's what this website is all about. I am seeking someone whom is female and naturally, open to different genres and kinks. My only limit is Yaoi/Gay, as whilst I have nothing against it I'm simply not attracted to it. I would prefer someone who has a decent level of Rp background as I spend more then enough time teaching people in other area. If anyone is interested it would be wonderful to be able to speak for a bit and work out ideas and compatibility. Thank you for the tolerance, everyone.
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