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Question Hitting The Wall, Need Help!

Hello All and Happy New Year!

I hope this is the right thread for this request. If not, mods please feel free to move me.

I started two series of stories well over eleven YEARS ago that I never finished. (God do I feel old now...) Long story short, due to much drama in my personal life, I just never had time/interest/inspiration to finish either one.

Now life has settled down some, and I would love to finish these two series as well as writing new stories/series in the future. But despite reading over both sets and making a few false starts, I can't seem to get going again.

Now that I've bored you all to death, I'm hoping you fine folk could possibly help me out. I've added the links to both series. I could REALLY use some Inspiration/Suggestions/Feedback on where I might go with both of them. Or would you suggest just moving onto all new stuff and maybe come back to the old things? I guess I just feel guilty by not finishing what I've started. Lol

Thank you in advance and hope to have LOTS of new stories here in 2013!

Love, Mandy


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Happy New Year to you too, Mandy!

I like your stories, they are well written and the element of slightly reluctant lesbianism is just what tickles my fanny

I can see how you're a bit stuck though. Both stories start with the premise of "straight woman/women coerced into lesbian sex" and thrive on the inner confligt of those women. Once they give in and enjoy, you've closed the supsense arc, because the conflict is resolved. So to get the suspense going again, you need a conflict again, in the best case even more intense than before, and your characters will get three dimensional again in your head.

In Caught, I could imagine that Marie secretly starts to love Holly's attention, while still rejecting the bisexual part inside herself. You could start a game of cat and mouse between those two, where Marie performs some minor infractions in front of the camera and Holly demands further payments. And you could bring Tina into the game, with intentions of her own, and put her into a position of power too (like e.g. giving her the key to Marie's locker to fetch something for her without thinking of the tape(s) there). So the new premise could be something like "Marie stumbles from one sexual adventure into the other, slowly but reluctantly expanding her circle of female lovers".

I don't know how you feel about getting kinkier with your Friendly Contest, but to me the story screams to do so. A little bit of exhibitionism and soft bondage could open an almost endless range of possibilities, like the two others manipulating Kathy and Janice into showing off their newly acquired skills at a party where some more of Lauren's female friends are present, and both of them ending up in the bed of Sheri and Kevin with a little bondage play involved. And don't forget about all the different kinds of toys they could be introduced to

So, that's my 2ct, maybe you can use any of them, and I hope to read more from you this year - it would be shame to let your writing talents gather dust. Feel free to pm me anytime if you need some help or prodding
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Casual Acquaintances - A story about female love, control, devotion, pain and pleasure. *)
Becoming Lisa's Pet - An all-girls college coed's willing descent.

*) Übersetzt ins Deutsche: Zufallsbekanntschaft - Eine Geschichte über Frauenliebe, Kontrolle, Hingabe, Schmerz und Lust
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Chicago Ken
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I read through Caught and loved it! You're a talented writer, Mandy, and I'm glad to see you're set to keep at it in 2013.

When I first read your post and the comment about starting the stories 11 years ago, I was trying to work out some cute line about VCR's or pay phones and it looks like you've made that a little too easy on me.

As for something constructive: it seems like you could make a slight adjustment to the end in order to lengthen the sexual tension. Maybe you could have Marie go to Holly's place a couple of weeks later. This would give her time to contemplate her decision.

During this tension period, maybe Marie could find something equally damaging for Holly and debate whether to hold it over her head in return. Maybe Marie could find herself fantasizing about Holly while at work or when she was with her husband.

Or, on another thread, maybe Marie could convince Tom to somehow make a video of her session with Holly from across the street. After Holly destroys the initial tape, Marie will have evidence of her supervisor taking advantage of a subordinate.

Another option is to have Holly break her promise and take advantage of Marie over and over again (helped along by Marie not entirely disliking the experiences.) Maybe Marie could keep telling herself that every time will be the last, only to have her own lust override her brain.

Of course, you could always just tie up the story and not turn it into a longer work. You could just have a hot scene between the two women and call it a day.

Those are my initial thoughts. Take them or leave them, but please do finish the story.
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