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Originally Posted by shelbakk View Post
My wife never sucks my cock unless I practically beg her to do it. When she does she is not really into it. She usually ends up doing a decent job, but never swallows and gets disgusted a bit if i try and talk her into it.
The other day I was feeling really horny and we had not had sex in a couple of weeks. My wife was in the shower so I all of a sudden decided to sneak into the shower with her while she was washing her hair. (I never never never do this).
I began to kiss her neck and then played with her nipples, sucking on them as the shower poured onto us. I sat down in the shower as she stood up and began to lick and eat her pussy. This led to me fingering her pussy. As it turns out my wife was rather horny and I fingered her harder and harder until I was fucking her hard with four fingers. She was moaning loudly and came very hard. She immediately wanted me to fuck her, but I (spontaneously) decided to stop her, so I said no not this time, I want oral only.
I put both hands on top of her head and pushed her down to her knees. She than willingly began to suck my cock. Since she was horny and had just cum she was really getting into it. I got so excited I grabbed her head with both hands and began to fuck her mouth quite hard. I only lasted for about a minute. She started gagging as I pushed my cock in harder and harder. I love the sound of her gagging. I started to cum down her throat as she looked up at me. I think I shocked her a bit. I knew she swallowed a bit and I held her mouth on my cock for a bit longer as I came. She gagged and sputtered but I loved it. We both agreed after that the spontaneous oral action in the shower was HOT.
Im glad she took care of you! But like you said, a lot of women do not like giving head...sucking cock. If you find a bud who likes to, you will get amazing head .....with no questions asked! Blow and go
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Originally Posted by Stella_Omega View Post
Or in fetish and sexuality.

I have to admit, I really like this notion of consensuality becoming the defining element that makes something be BDSM. I think that's SO much better than fetishising non-con.

It's a little bit simplistic though, assuming the consent has to be verbal each and every time-- especially when the partners are long-term and know each other well. Myself, I think that I ALWAYS need verbal consent from my bottoms, and I need to verblly consent before someone starts topping me in a way we haven't tried before-- but I don't need every detail spelled out. And not everyone is as dainty in their sensibilities as I am. I am perennially astonished, in fact at how tough some people are!
I was taught that "safe, sane, and consensual" were the hallmarks of BDSM and the guiding principles I was to follow. That allows for a stretching of limits if agreed to (try numbers for a lot of fun), while respecting the basic dignity of the partner. And even those being humiliated have a basic dignity which must be respected--at least from my experience.
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So, although on the surface this thread had nothing to do with BDSM, it's actually provoked quite a nice debate. Neat.
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