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All About Hearing

I run a shop helping people with hearing problems. I offer various types of hearing aids and the choice depends upon the patient's needs and desires. After exhauistive testing and fitting, we try to enable the patient to hear easily, especially in a large mixed group such as a seminar or church service, but also in intimate social gatherings.

As a result of as recent newspaper ad, an appointment was made and in came a nice looking older gentleman, who seemed to be an appropriate candidate for our services.

We chatted and I excamined his ears and after cleaning out an accumulation of earwax, we were able to help him and I asked him what he wanted me to do next.

He just sat tghere silently, looking into my eyes and I wondered what was delaying his response, when he said he was a gentkleman and couldnt ask fior what he wanted.

I had a pretty good idea what he might have in mind, as I am a 5'5" 125 lb babe in my forties, and although he was older, his eyes told me he wanted us to become intimate friends as well as a client.

I grinned and then added that since it was now the noon hour, he might like to take me to lunch.

Nothing was said about anything beyond lunch, but I keep a condo nearby and have been known to have the odd affair, sometimes with clients, and his looks told me that was what he had in mind.
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