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Finding a story

Heya ,

I read a story on here ages ago but i cannot find it again, I know some of the characters names ( Claude , Angeline) and the it was a new take on vampires and some adaptations they had ( Ie. Flight) can anybody help me find it?
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I know the story and read a few chapters of it. I also searched for a while but couldn't find it.

It's the one about the vampire family travelling on a boat to the new world. The kids come of age on the way and it turns out sex is better at energising them than blood. The siblings start out with each other then the son and mother have a go. The chapter after the one i got up to has pirates in it.
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ShyChiwriter is the author, the story is called The Afflicted. It appears he took it down.
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The Afflicted


It is in fact "The Afflicted". The number of views/votes/comments had dwindled to nothing and I decided to take it down. I'm currently revising it right now and I'm debating whether to post it here or to put it into eBook format.

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