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"Get ready for the experience of a lifetime, Brother," the Fraternity President told him. "Of all the things you do in your life ... this, you will never forget."

Greg's nervous smile widened. He was being accepted as a full member in the Frat, and he'd been expecting some sort of ceremony involving the more senior members of the Brotherhood, if not all of them. Instead, he'd found himself blind folded, thrown in a car, driven halfway across town, shuffled into an unknown building and down a flight of stairs, and finally freed of the blindfold to find himself standing before a heavy metal door leading into a basement storage room.

"There are rules," his President said sternly. "No speaking what-so-ever. You don't say hello or ask any questions--"

"Who would I--" Greg began to ask, wondering who the man thought he'd be saying hello to in the first place.

But the President gestured him silent and continued, "You do exactly what I command of you, and you don't stop doing it until you are done ... until bothof you are done."

The President reached down and took a hold of the door knob, then hesitated, looking back into Greg's eyes. "Prepare yourself, my Brother."

The older Frat member opened the door, and Greg's mouth dropped open at the sight of the woman leaning against the wall ... prepared for him. She was simply unbelievable, and Greg couldn't pull his eyes away from her, even as he was whispering, "What ... what's going on...?"

The President leaned in closer, reminding him, "No talking, Brother. Now--" The President urged Greg forward, reminding him also, "Remember ... until you're both finished ... if you know what I mean."

Greg did, of course. He thought it was ironic that the President would use the same word -- finished -- that Greg's current lover used, referring to whether she'd cum or not. He couldn't have known, of course, that the Frat President had once been bedding this same girl and, and as a gentleman, had always asked if she'd finished before he called their love making session to a halt.

"Now..." the President said, again urging Greg forward, "Go fuck that pussy."

Greg entered the room and flinched as the heavy door slammed shut behind him. He looked back to the door, then back to the woman. She was absolutely motionless ... waiting. Greg's eyes walked all about her form, settling upon the swollen pussy lips glistening between firm thighs and round buttocks. He shifted his body a bit, suddenly aware of his discomfort; his dick was swollen to full, rock hard size and not laying in a comfortable fashion. He reached down and repositioned himself a bit.

He looked back to the door again, then to the woman. Then ... he bagan unbuckling, unbuttoning, and unzipping his pants. He stepped out of his tennis shoes, then out of his pants, all the while moving closer and closer to the beautiful ass staring at him. He stopped, close enough to her that his flag pole dick was almost touching one of her buttocks. He wanted so badly to ask her questions: Who are you? Why are you doing this? What do you like? But the President had laid down the laws.

Greg laid his hands upon the young woman's hips, causing her to flinch a bit. Even in those tall heels, the woman's ass was fairly level with Greg's groin; he moved closer, laying his cock between the rounded flesh of her buttocks, like a vendor putting a hotdog on a bun. A chill ran up Greg's back, causing goose bumps to erupt across his body. She felt so good -- warm ass cheeks against the bottom of his twitching dick -- and that would have been enough to give Greg the chills. But this... this impromptu fuck with a beautiful woman he'd never met ... this was simply unbelievable.

He looked to the back of the woman's head, trying to figure out whether he knew her from somewhere. But her long, voluminous hair hid her face, and there was nothing about her -- tattoos, piercings, etc. -- that he could see that would have helped him.

He looked to her ass again and breathed deeply. My god ... how can I be so lucky...? He pulled his dick back, allowing it to slip downward until he could feel the wetness of her warm pussy. He smiled, remembering that line from childhood as he learning to ride his bike -- "Look ma, no hands" -- and ... pushed forward. Another deep breath as he felt his warm dick press into her even warmer folds. She was tight, slowing him, stopping him; she readjusted her stance a bit, and Greg pushed harder. She opened for him willingly, and Greg wondered how much personal preparation she'd done before his arrival to ensure that her pussy would accept him so willingly.

He gave out a long, slow groan of pleasure as his cock slipped inside of her. When he reached bottom, he leaned over her a bit and just treasured the feel of her wrapped around his shaft. His hands gripped her hips firmly, pulling their bodies hard together. After a moment and another deep groan, Greg pulled back, almost fully out, and again intruded upon her with one long, slow push. And again he just remained there, buried to the hilt for the longest moment.

His body wanted more, though. He pulled out again, went back in, came out ... and soon he was fucking her hard and fast, using the power of his stong arms and body to slam their forms together again and again and again. Greg was moaning deeply, the pleasure welling within him quickly as he began to hear her own moans and cries of pleasure. He remembered the President's command, you don't stop doing it until you are done ... until both of you are done, and he was glad the woman seemed to be enjoying herself because he knew that ... his orgasm ... wasn't ... far ... away!

With a great grunt, Greg exploded inside her, his dick jerking fiercely as it unloaded shot after shot after shot. Euphoria surged through him, dizzying him for a moment, making him fearful that he would become unbalanced, maybe fall to his knees. But he maintained his composure and his stance, holding his groin hard against her ass as the last ejaculations ran their course.

When control over his mind and body began to return, he remembered the rules and immediately began pounding the woman again. He'd cum, although he never would have called it finished; he would want to fuck this woman again and again, here or anywhere. But she, he was certain, hadn't, and rules were rules. Greg doubled his efforts, trying to forget the climax that was telling him to Take a break ... enjoy the moment

After a bit, the woman's moans and cries began signalling the welling of pleasure within her, too. She became unsteady at times, her knees buckling a bit or her feet seeming unsteady in the tall heels. Greg moved in closer to her, using his body to support some of her weight as he continued to shove in, pull out, harder and faster. And finally, just as Greg began to worry that -- despite being a very fit jock -- he might wear out before he could make her climax, she exploded in a series of loud, animated cries; her body quivered as the orgasm ran through her, and her knees bent for a final time, forcing Greg to manage all her weight, pulling her ass hard against his body and holding her in place.

He simply held her there until it was obvious that she was past the euphoria and ready to move on. She straightened her legs again, pressing the heels firmly to the floor, then used her hands upon the wall to stand herself up talling. Greg's dick popped out of her with a suction cup fwop! He lowered his hands to his sides and simply stared at her backside for a moment; her body, like his, was still wracked by the labored breathing of ecstasy and physical exertion. He looked her up and down again, amazed at her perfect form; amazed that he'd had that perfect form and still didn't even know who it belonged to.

She answered that question by turning to face him suddenly...
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