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Cool Ex- teacher neigbour

Your nineteen live at home, you've been working at the local grocery store since you were fourteen.
Your have a supervisors position now and use that as an excuse for not going to college. You no your going to get the next assistant manager position, your great at your job, people love you. It's what you know.

You don't want to leave the safety net of your small town for the big city. You still live at home. The neighbour two houses down was your Highschool teacher. She's 28 and recently widowed.

Her husband died of prostate cancer, you start a big prostate and awareness campaign at the store, out of natural kindness. She appreciates it beyond words, even though she doesn't show it.

You end up running into her st the store, and invite her over for dinner since she's all alone. She reciprocates. You too end up having wine she has a bit too much and throws herself at you. You softly reject her offer and put her to bed.

The next morning she catches you before work and apologizes. Midway through the apology you kiss her. She doesn't back away she leans into it. You now are reassured that's it's not alcohol induced.

After work she calls you over, you too order a pizza watch a movie. Soon this tall long leged former teacher of yours has crawled on top you shirtless. Her tongue searching your mouth. You too make out for nearly an hour. Your fingers massaging the breasts youve admired for years.

Your fingers slip to her pussy she doesn't stop you. You too make love in the foreshadow of the movie.
In the following you too uck everywhere from the back of the store, to her classroom late at night.

Shes been pushing you to go to college, and all that educational jazz, remarking that you were the smartest student she had. With one of the heights averages.

3 months later when she sits you down in her kitchen. You think it's the same thing she has to say.

She instead tells you that she's pregnant. Your surprised but happy.

You move in with her, at the Shagrin of the gossiping town and your parents.
You decide to surprise her by enrolling at the college just outside of town.
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