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Any takers? Masochists or Loonies only need apply...


I'm part-way through a story series that's really getting on my nerves, because it's being filtered through my wife's preferences and particular take on the subject matter (Incest/Taboo). I write for fun, for pleasure, have fun with my characters, and as a way of escaping what I do for a living, so there tends to be gaps in the delivery of the episodes as I can only write when I'm off alert. My problem seems to be that with this particular story thread (In Love With Lori Ch 1-7 so far) it's largely based on our experiences, with certain major facts and back-story elements changed to protect the deviant, and me changing it on my wife would piss her off mightily. Add to that the fact that it seems to have no ending in sight, and you can see my dilemma

The trouble is, I hate this story, the way it's written, the meandering thread, the fact that so much of ourselves has been woven into it to titilliate her, which her indoors seems to think is the way to tell a tale. So, anybody out there foolish enough to want to take on this god-forsaken, mindlessly sex-driven trudge though my wife's weirdness and spin a little reality into it?

I'm just tempted to leave it gathering dust, but I have to live with her and at some point I had high hopes of actually getting some, if I dump this, I can confidently predict I'll be getting none for a long time to come. Someone please take pity on a fellow man with a wife who won't accept she has no talent for expressing herself lucidly....
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