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Looking for virtual friend with benefits, redux

Wondering if the world has changed in the two years since I originally posted my initial solicitation.

virtual friend with benefits - inquire within
The idea of a friend with benefits has always seemed a great concept if one could find the right person who sought a similar, intimate but not overly involved relationship.

Although it seems almost by definition to be limited to the physical world, there is no apparent reason for it to be so restricted. Since many people enjoy sexually charged relationships on line, why not a virtual friend with benefits?

Rather than frequenting chat rooms, forums etc., excellent as they might be, for the equivalent of what amounts to a series of virtual flirtations or the occasional digital one night stands, what about looking for one (or more) friendships with those of similar interests who might enjoy an ongoing relationship that extends to the virtual sexual world of email, messaging, phone and/or camera on the same sort of fwb basis as could occur in the real world?

Really not such a novel concept and I am sure that there are many who have done so, whether that terminology was used or not.

As for me, I am a mature, multiple degreed, highly intelligent (he says quite immodestly) professional male, older than the average literotica member I am quite sure, who has an enduring interest in the world of the sensual and erotic. I travel frequently which sometimes gives an opportunity for more extended time to enjoy such explorations than might normally be available.

As in the physical world, discretion is an important aspect of any such relationship. A value that is of course mutual.

My interests could be described as literary (books of all types, film, intelligent conversation) and my politics as liberal, athough not fanatical. Although it is not a term I would necessarily use about me, I am always attracted to those who describe themselves as news junkies.

I am particularly intrigued by those who approach exploring boundries with an open mind and a keen appreciation of the importance of the mental aspect of sexual arousal.

Since words play such a key role in the virtual world, I would be much more interested in writing samples than pictures (although both have their place) and would be happy to reciprocate with those who might find this idea intriguing.

And if the idea appeals, but the author does not (shocked though I would be to see how that could be true , others should of course feel free to use this thread to make their own connections. (Not that anyone needs, or would ask my permission.)

I look forward to hearing from those few who might find the idea worth at least an exploratory private
For more on the name, see my original post

Virtual Friend With Benefits, Inquire Within
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Well crafted

You are to be congratulated on writing the above comprehensive personal advertisement. I am sure that there are many like me, who would be proud to claim authorship.

May I wish you well in your quest.
The world's a stage and all the men and women merely players.
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