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Help me out... gay anal...

Hey everyone,

I'm a gay anal virgin but so interested and ready to try. The problem is, whenever I play with myself down there (usually an 8 inch thick dildo), I end up with, well, shit everywhere. Even if I go to the bathroom beforehand, I think I get so deep and wide that I'm still making a mess. While this can be a turn on for some, I know it's not for all. If I'm having an extended play session, I can enema but I'm afraid one day I'm going to meet the right guy to pop this anal cherry and won't necessarily have the time to prep this. Any advice? Better yet, anyone want to come over and show me how it's done?
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Well all I can say is shit happens, as a gay man you learn to deal with it. Like you said, some make it a part of their play, others want nothing to do with it. Either way it is best to be ALWAYS prepared.

As a gay bottom, I am always clean down there. (Unless my bf wants me otherwise, which is often enough too) I make cleaning out a part of my morning getting ready for the day routine. If I expect anal sex, or will be in a situation where it can be possible, I will clean out later in the day too.

I suppose after decades of doing this, I kinda am aware of my internals. You will get the same.

As for cleaning out...use warm water and very little and mild soap. It takes a few rinsings to get you clean. I do it in the shower, cause it can get messy. A dedicated enima bag and nozzle, or a shower attachment nozzle work great, and it's all you need.

Send me a PM if you'd like to talk more

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As Topher said, clean it out, when I did anal play with female SO, we would do 3 enamas each to make sure we were as clean as possible.
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I am very phobic about having even a hint of a dirty boi-pussy, and don't have intercourse unless I'm absolutely clean in my rectum. I love to have my pussy eaten by my lovers before they fuck me, and they deserve the best hygiene if they're going to put their tongue inside.

Personally, I don't like to be fucked unless I'm empty. I don't enjoy the sensation of having my shit compacted inside me. There is a solid basis in fact for the phrase "fudge packer."

Depends on the individual, of course, but I've found that for my personal physiology it's best to do a Fleet's enema at least six hours before sex. If I do it closer in time occasionally some of the lubricant will leak out with a slight yellowish brown tincture.

I know some of the gurls and gay guys can get away just using a douche to clean the rectum, but that doesn't work for me. I'm a bit of a health nut, granola and trail mix, and I think that I have too much fiber-based fecal material moving through me at any given moment in time.

As a corollary to this thread, if you're using your own bed, be sure to have a waterproof pad under the sheets, and, if you don't have that, have a heavy towel because you can NEVER be sure. It's almost impossible to get a shit stain out of a mattress, the stuff is full of acids, enzymes and oils, and whatever vegetable dyes are in the food you consumed.

Btw, the pun in paragraph 2 was intended.
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