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Game slowly gets out of control

Mike and Dean were impeccably turned out, suit and tie order having returned from the premier enclosure of the racecourse, via a drinking den or two back to the cheap but cosy bed and breakfast on the edge of town. They were not the classy socialites they appeared, they were celebrating Mikes birthday and had pushed the boat out for a champagne fuelled gambling session, hence the cheap accommodation. It was a small bed and breakfast only 4 or so guest rooms, they thought they were pretty much alone with no evening reception by the owner but were surprised to see the two ladies sat in their finery in the communal reception room sipping wine from a bottle and giggling. The girls had obviously returned from the track too, " Hi boys one laughed, we cant find any glasses and the TV remote is broken, welcome to the Ritz".
Mike shrugged and held up a blue plastic bag, "we have beer.. mind if we join you its a bit early for bed" . After sharing out the wine and beer conversation stalled a little and Dean explored the room somewhat, eventually brushing off an old board game from a dusty shelf, monopoly , I've not played this for donkeys years, what do you say. " oh i love monopoly" shouted up one of the girls, Mike was less impressed, that will take like 3 hours boring, Dean tapped the board..well lets change the rules a bit, winking at the ladies, " strip monopoly?? *One of the girls choked on the wine bottle shaking her head, but the other seemed keen, " how would that work, girls vs boys losers get naked? Mike was a little stunned, Dean had always been a bit of a lad. " mate we don't even know these girls names yet and your suggesting that, behave yourself". Dean dismissed the remark addressing the keen girl, "That would take a long time maybe every time you land in jail you take something off " The girl shrieked with delight " yes yes" but what about all the properties and cash and that " Dean considered a moment, forget the cash everytime you land on a property you get it, If you get a full set you can choose a standard forfeit for anyone who lands on it, and swapping property cards with other players is allowed. Mike and the equally shy other female looked at each other, " well i guess this is just one night with strangers, nobody need ever know, what do you say, "try it and see " mike enquired, all three sets of eyes burned into the shy girl....

open for 2 females or 1 female to play both female rolls, direction totally open .. please develop female characters early in the game or before.
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