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The morning after? Or is it the beginning of a friendship? (FxF)

you came to consciousness slowly from dreams that seemed impossibly intense.

You woke up, screaming silently, unable to to move. facing up, your legs bent at the knees, feet folded under your buttocks, ankles bound together, pelvis forced to arch upward, thighs spread wide open by straps pulling to the sides against the fleshy parts of your thighs. Your arms were trapped under you too, wrists bound at the small of your back, and bound wrists tied to the ankles with a hogtie rope. Your body forced to arch in a bow, naked.

Is your heart pounding? It is not just the position you have been put in, but you know you have been made to orgasm, because that's what has brought you out of your fitful sleep, an excruciatingly violent orgasm that has shattered your world into a million pieces.

You see her now, naked, and beautiful, sweeping strands of her golden hair from her face, smiling at you. And her fingers, though lightly teasing, makes your entire body jerk as if touched by electricity. Goose flesh cover your soft skin in the trail of her fingertips, your heat rampant.

Is it possible? You remember bringing her home from the club, on a dare. Maybe you were drunk. You thought you had no use for men, not anymore, not how you've been treated. But a woman? really? It has to be a mistake!

You try to speak, but only a gurgle emerges from behind the ball gag seated between your lips...

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