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A number of years ago my mothers friend was at my mothers house and was telling my mother that her washing machine had broken down that morning , my mom asked me to pop around and take a look at her washing machine , so later that day i went around to see if I could help i opened the lid and it was the brushes that needed replacing , I popped to the nearest electrical shop that had them and the machine was back running as new .
Now next to the m/c was the linen basket and I had to look inside and there was a pair of her panties and I could not help myself and picked them out and smelt them.
I could smell her aroma and a bit of pee on them , there was a slight brown mark on the back of them ,this excited me and i started licking them and stuffed them in my mouth , the next thing i know my mothers friend was staring at me asking what the hell i was doing , I said I am sorry , i did not know what the hell to do, now she was around 50 and i was only just 18 so I was very embarrased by it , she said she was ringing my mother and I just sat there very very red faced , she had the phone in her hand and was about to dial when she stopped and grinned then asked me if i wanted to lick her underwear some more , I just silently nodded my head and she came over next to me and made me lie on the floor and straddled me and lowered her skirt covered legs over my face , her crotch was now about an inch from my face and i stuck my tongue out and started to lick her gusset , it was fantastic i could smell her aroma , before i knew it she stood up and undressed , then bent over and told me to lick her arse , this was something i had craved for a few years and right now my mothers friend who was about 30 years older than me was asking me to do just that , I moved my face closer and sniffed at her hole and could just smell it , that was that I licked her arse like there was no tomorrow and after about 5 mins started to force my tongue inside it , i wanted to climb inside her arse and lick the walls of her poop shoot , we then had lovely sex and before i left i licked her arse some more, this became a regular thing , i would nip over her house whenever she asked , she gave me a key and sometimes would turn up and wake her up at about 6am and always go straight down and lick her arse all sweet tasting from a night of swaet and farts , sometimes she would wear a plug as she used to call it and when i would turn up she would say , this has been in for hours pull it out and i would suck on it like a lolipop , we would have little meetings like this for the next few years and always she would demand i licked her arse and not once would i refuse , i use to love the moment when after a lot of pushing her rectum would give and my tongue would slip inside the hole and i would push my tongue in so deep and leave it there for a while to let her arse juices soak into my tongue , now i am married and my wife will not entertain such a thing ,she says its disgusting , my moms friend would always be there to let me fulfill my craving , i would always call there and tell my wife i was going fishing , but about 2 years ago she passed away at the age of 74 , I tried again with my wife but no joy ,i did get her seriously drunk once and while she was totally out of it managed to stick my tongue deep inside her arsehole but she wont get drunk anymore , think she suspected my naughty deed i have thought about visiting a prostitute to get my fix of arse licking but have not got the courage , getting a little frustrated now , i watch a lot of arse licking movies on the internet and wank off to it a lot but really need the taste of an arsehole to curb my craving , think i will visit a dogging site ,what do you guys think , are there any of you guys or gals for that matter that love to stick your tongue up a ladies arse .At the moment i do visit the mam in laws linen basket and suck on her underwear and wank off to that but dont think it will go down well if i tried it on with her lol.Stuck in a pretty crap place at the moment and want to find another ladies arse to lick , dont mind being her slave if she desired ,who knows ,dont know where to start looking thou and it is a difficult thing to approach , as i said the mam in laws undies smell and taste lovely and i often wank off thinking of her pissing and farting on me and letting me stick my tongue deep inside her bumhole but dont think its ever going to happen as i cannot take the risk of trying it on so i think an escort will have to be the way forward,thanks for reading this.

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Punctuation and paragraphs are your friend.
Your stomach across my lap, your skirt pulled up, your bare ass waiting for my hand... now ask me for it.

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conoflex,very beautiful story thank you.
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kissing in ct

saw your message . i am also in ct....bimale interested in rimming. want to discuss?
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