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Can anyone identify this story?

It's about a mercenary or some such who goes to visit his friend, a slaver, and ends up buying the abused and ragged girl who holds the door open for visitors.

They end up getting to an inn at one point and he sees the extent of her abuse via her scars. The story is more about her rescue and recovery than anything else.

I know I read it here a while ago and can't seem to find it again! Any help would be much appreciated~
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I found it!

It's called Silent Seduction
With this as the description:
Broken slave's only hope is an honor-bound Warrior.

By the username LynMorrigan

It seems I couldn't find it because the user removed herself and her stories from the site, which really sucks. I doubt they're viewable anywhere now. :<
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Do a search for the title and the author name.

I just did that. You'll find a blog - and the author.
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You are correct...

I did a complete scan; there are several stories with that name but none of them are what you're looking for. She appears to be gone.

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Silent Seduction

LynMorrigan (writer of Silent Seduction) posts on a blog -- http://www****istedfaerietales.net. It is stated there that access to the LynMorrigan account was lost and as a result the story was on hold. Check the "Twisted Faerie Tales" website for more information and copies of the story Silent Seduction (and more).
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