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an 19 yo boy submits to 45 yo couple they use him as a sex toy starting out as a rug under their floor his arms tied to his sides the mans feet on his back pinning him down while he contimplates what he has done. the woman arrives home and removes her shoes sits on the couch next to the man and places one foot on the boys head the other infront of his face forceing him to smell it later they use him in the bedroom the man facefucks him the woman facesits him they make love on top of him the man pulls out at last second and rams his cock down the boys throat cumming in his throat.
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"while he contimplates what he has done"

and just what has he done?

and how does his humiliation relate to the "awakening" of the title?

there may be an audience for this tale (I'm not it), but it needs more thought.
finally a new story:

Bad Grandpa

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There's definitely an audience. There are some aspects of the "forced" bi and the domination which appeal but as said above there's obviously things you thought of that you forgot to write down. Maybe you could elaborate a little and you may find a writer.
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