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On for a while.

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Originally Posted by GamerDau19 View Post
On for a while.
Older uk guy looking for a little 1 to 1 roleplay

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I'm not a priest but I'll hear your confession ;-)

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on for a few. a bit new. feel free to private message

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Come say hi


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30m texas straight


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hey y'all 27 m here YIM gandp2011

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On for a bit. K8l0ve2

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Nothing to do this afternoon.
So let's chat ladies
Davesmith834 on all afternoon

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Lisalist13....nothing better to do on a snowy day....

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Working from home so have some time to chat on any subject....from naughty to nice

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Mark 34 uk


Would love to chat about my busty wife being spit roasted on holiday as I watch.

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On yahoo - please review and send me a pm here or on yahoo

Getting home from the gym in a lightning storm, my father watching the game on TV tells me to take my shoes off and don't drip on the carpet as that would drive my mom crazy. I let him know i have a date tonight with Kelly and will be back after 11. I walk over and put my hand on his shoulder and watch the game over his shoulder as he waves his hand and nods and goes back to watching the game < but his thought is damn that kid's lucky - i wish i was him tonight > and at the same time as he waves his hand like he doesn't care watching his 50" plasma TV with a beer in his hand i think < damn i wish i was him >. At that moment a lightning strike hits the house and comes right down through the house to us. We are fused together for moment and then tossed aside.

I wake up to hear my mom calling my name. I get up and can see her bent over a figure petting my hair away from my face and whispering my name < Billy >. I think this must be what its like when your dead. You look down on yourself. Then she turns and calls out my fathers name < Bob >. She's looking right at me calling me BOB !! and i blink and realize i am BOB !!!

I go to the sink and wet a towel and bring it back and watch myself awaken. Its very confusing but when i look into my own eyes i see my fathers eyes looking at me and he sees my eyes looking back at him but from his body.

We both look at each other. My mother is relieved we are both ok and suggests that I, well i mean now my dad, stay home from the date with Kelly and i shake my head vigorously no as i had been waiting for this night for weeks.

Mom heads upstairs and Dad and i chat and try to figure out what happened. I tell him under no circumstances is he to cancel the date with Kelly and under no circumstances is he to mess this up for me ....
We both shrug and try to keep calm under the circumstances and go about getting ready for tonight.
My date with Kelly and dad's night alone with mom.

< hope this hasn't been too confusing ... looking for someone to play Mom and or kelly as i play myself and dad >

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On for a few...

Yahoo: mikebash73

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Hampshireguy8 anyone wanna chat to a UK guy

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Hit me up. Name in profile

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Looking for some dirty chat with any dirty women. I love all women, just please be over 20.


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Anyone want to chat about their panties and lingerie

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28 bi looking to chat with m or f. steve.creative on yahoo

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Let's rp something hot!!!

Find me on yahoo with your interesting ideas.

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Just seeing who is up late

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Glad I'm not the only one.
Screw the resolutions, just do the right thing.

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Hi Simone wanna chat Hampshireguy8

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Last edited by Impatatdrv : 07-09-2014 at 05:41 PM.

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bored here

With mic and cam on yahoo.

Slutty women, hit me up.

Cultured women outside and real slutty in bed, are the BEST.

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