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The delivery (closed)

Jeff revved the engine in his old Ford sedan, afraid that it might die on him if it idled to long. He still had two more deliveries to make tonight before he could be free for the weekend. Once the light turned green he sped off, zipping through traffic to the first. It was an apartment, nothing new there. A guy wearing the logo of the local college on his hoodie answered and payed cash. He was a lowsy tipper, but Jeff didn't blame him for being distracted as there was a crowd of people partying inside, some of them rather attractive females.

That made him think, "what am I going to do this weekend?" Since his girlfriend had dumped him he had enjoyed the freedom, but unfortunately work had gotten in the way of doing anything he really wanted. And the sudden lack of sex had left him as horny as a hound dog.

Once again in traffic, Jeff checked the address of his final delivery. It was am unfamiliar area of town, but his gps got him there quickly enough. He had to double check the address though because he had never delivered to a hotel before, much less a high class one like this. It was very fancy with valet drivers and bus boys for each of the guests and a high class bar on the ground floor, but everyone seemed too busy to even noticed him. "Oh well," he thought as he climbed the stairs then began looking for the right room number. "I guess I'll find the room on my own."

Looking over his uniform before he knocked he was pleased to see that it didn't look all that bad on him. The sleeves were short enough to show his muscular arms and though baggy the pants showed a trim waist. "Maybe if I pose and flex they'll give me a bigger tip" he joked to himself. "Then I could afford one of those fancy drinks at the bar downstairs." He laughed at himself as he envisioned himself in his pizza delivery uniform among all the finely dressed tenants.

Pulling himself together, he knocked on the door then waited.

"Death cannot stop true love, all it can do is delay it a while." - Westly - The Princess Bride

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