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Chuck Darwin
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Us guys that have a female Dr.

OK, this might sound a bit odd, but hey this is Lit and I'm sure it's been aired before.

Anyway, I read some posts earlier about someone who had a female GP which triggered me making an actual post about it. I am a 41 yr old man, married, although I am bi (but am monogamous w/ my wife). Up until I was 35, I always had male Drs. It's just kind of "normal"(I think)...that most men want to have a male Dr.

Anyway, we moved to a new city and had to get on a waiting list for a new GP and to get one right away, I had to have a female GP. It was fine by me, but it was the first time in my life I had had a female GP.

Now, I know some folks out there have some medical type fetishes..I didn't really think I did. but lately, when I go and see her, I am increasingly thinking fetishy thoughts. There's something so intimate about it. Other than my wife, she's the only other female that has full authority to do anything she wants with my parts..she fondles them, squeezes them, puts her finger up my ass (which in my perverted mind she somehow likes in a sadomasochistic kind of way). I am totally submissive to her lying on that table.

I don't know even if this post has a point or objective...just expressing my "feelings".
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I've had both, 2 of my last 4 were attractive youngish women in their 30's.

Can't say I have had kinky thoughts bout them, but have a funny story about the first one.

I had a vasectomy on a Thursday and was leaving Ontario on a driving golf trip with a couple of guys the following wednesday. I had a fair bit of swelling of my balls, went to see the male Dr that had performed the vasectomy and he got very defensive and advised me not to go.

I went to see my family Dr, a very small, very pretty Indian woman, told her my problem, she asked to see. I dropped my pants and underwear, she poked and prodded a little bit.

I had said I swing pretty hard and was a bit worried about hurting myself in the US, she said, if you hit your head on the wall 25 times, would it fall off?

My the time we reached Florida I was back to normal, will never forget that appointment.
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A few years ago I had an appointment with my GP, who was a large man--about 6'2" and nearly 300 lbs. He was out that day, and his new associate was covering his appointments. The nurse had me get undressed and wait in a paper gown. I was shocked when a pretty, young and very thin Haitian woman introduced herself as the new associate. After discussing my situation she told me I needed s rectal exam, and asked whether I wanted to schedule an appointment with my regular Dr. I looked at her tiny little fingers and thought about his enormous hands. It took only a second for me to tell her to go ahead and do it. She stepped out of the office and returned a second later with the nurse. She instructed me to lie on my side , and then she lived up her finger and slid it up my ass. It wasn't sexual, but that didn't stop me from imagining the nurse wasn't there and the young Dr. did more than just examine my prostate.
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I've been seen by several female Drs. including prostate exams. It's always been very clinical, professional and proper.

When I went in with a prostate complaint one time, one said "I advise my male patients to ejaculate frequently."

That's about as "sexual" as any visit to a female MD ever got with me.

I wouldn't expect anything else.
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I have been registered with several female doctors over the decades. They have always been very professional.

One of my male doctors could usually be found in our local public house several times a week. Once he gave me some medical advice in the pub:

"Do as your doctor tells you, not what he does."

He was leaning back in his chair, smoking a Havana cigar, washing down his fifth pint of the local draught beer with a cognac chaser.

His female partner in the practice would have been training for her next marathon.

"And don't so what she does either. You haven't got the build for marathons."
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