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OOC: The Beautiful Game ...

Daniel Miller role available for interested co-writer - please PM interest

Set in England within the context of football - soccer for those of you not UK-based
It is not a WAG/Riches type context - it is focused on grassroots football and community ...
Obviously a knowledge of the game would be useful, however the thread is intended to explore the developing interaction between Daniel and Emma - see below.

Looking for one skiful male co-writer to develop a mature and complex character for Daniel Miller -

Daniel Miller:
- is late 30s to mid 40s.
- has previously played football, but is currently the long-serving manager of a local team. Football is his life.
- is single - though he might have a hidden past relationship/marriage if you wish - and no children that the female lead is at present aware of.

My character- Emma - has only seen Daniel twice before.
The opening post describes a third 'meeting' - see IC Post.

Further character information - Based on her impressions in Link to 1st post - (which you may choose whether or not are true) - she finds Daniel Miller:

" ... impressive in stature: A ‘great bear of a man’ ... [she suspects he has] ... a gentle side to him and ... [has] ... the impression that he was not one to waste words, yet, in contrast neither was he one to hold back his feelings when riled."
(He has been banished him to the stands several times last season for ‘heated outbursts’ - on match day the game is all he focuses on.)

Emma Fletcher:


She's late 20s - mid-30s - I'm flexible please state preference.
Emma is currently single and not had long term/serious relationships for a while.
I want her to be younger than Daniel, however she is an intelligent woman who is competent in her line of business.
The company - owns and manages properties and acts as a housing provider throughout the local area.
Her job - she leads on Community Investment, specifically in this case sponsorship and it is in that capacity the she is attending the match described in the first post.

She loves football and has watched local lower league football in particular.

The plot: See Link to 1st post

The first post found here will set the scene for a 3rd meeting, although they have never actually conversed Emma has 'noticed' Daniel, though it still remains to see if and to what extent he has noticed her ...

I'm assuming the first male post will be his account of the events of the football match from his point of view.

The plot would then move onto the post-match gathering where Daniel may or may not acknowledge/interact with Emma.

The Premise:

In brief, the development of an intense relationship as a result of 2 seemingly incompatible people falling for each other ... (the nature of which is open to interpretation - loving romance or a darker attraction or anything inbetween are all possible)

Neither of the two have recently been interested in any kind of serious attachment, most likely due to their own priorities - football/work.

He - seems the strong/silent even surly type?
She - seems personable and seemingly confident, all relationships are 'surface',

Despite this... these two personalities - despite whatever issues//barriers they have in their psyche - find themselves drawn to each other ... that initial interest developing rapidly in attraction and strength ...

What hidden depths the combination of those 2 personality types might produce is open to 'interpretation' ...

If you are interested in writing Daniel then please PM with your initial ideas as to what potential directions this might lead in ... feel free to hold back some 'surprises' for Emma, but do give me an idea of what spin you would put on this story if you were Daniel?

Thank you for reading ...

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Previous offer of co-writer withdrawn, so looking for interest once more ...

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