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Exclamation Please Help Me! Desperate!

Hey this is desperate and selfish but I need help. I'm horrible at writing erotic stories and my boyfriend asked for me to write him one about us for chritmas. So I want to give him one! I need your help..could you write it for me?

The females name in the story will be Ariel, the males name Tim...they are really in love, he's Ausralian, she's American, (don't know if that matters) jut make it erotic and really passionate. Talk alot about how much they love each other. It can be short but please make it good. I'll repay you in any way that is possible! Thank you sooo much!

Ariel description:Latina, brunette, long hair, slim, tall, b cups, very toned, brown eyes, exotic look, tan skin

Tim: black hair, muscular, blue eyes, white, pale, VERY tall, six inches down there, not circumsized, australian

Uhm..been together 6 months, VERY in love and passionate about each other
anyone up for the task? You would make my Christmas soooo much better! Please someone, find it in your heart to do this for me. I'm begging you! He just asked tonight, and I really want to do this for him!
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Eve, don't ask someone else to write a story for you. What he may want is to know what turns you on about him and what you like and what you want him to do to you.

Honestly what you write does not have to be pretty or especially well written. It should be honest. It must be honest if it is from you to him. I promise you unless he is a total goof he will use what you write as a guide to how he will make love to you in the future.

If you want sex with him to always be soft and gentle while he murmurs "I love you's in your eat write it that way.

Should you like his hand on your throat as he pins you against the wall and just uses you for his pleasure then write it that way or any combination of what you like or dislike. Think of his as an opportunity to let him know what you like and dislike.

Many women find it difficult to tell their partner what they like and need in bed. Now you have the opportunity you need and should another writer write the story for you then 6 months or a year down the line and he is not giving you what you need then you have no one else to blame but yourself.

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Even if you were able to find someone to help you out on this, at this late notice, it could very well blow up in your face, big time! Your boyfriend asked you to write him a story, not for you to pass the request on to another author. For one thing, it might seem like you don't really care about him if you outsource your christmas present, and for another he might find it extremely embarrassing that some stranger on the internet's conjured up a sexual fantasy about you two, at your request.

There's compromise in every relationship and if he truly loves you, and if you truly do suck at writing errotica (I've heard so many people claim they suck at things that they're reasonably good at, I find it hard to take these claims at face value anymore), then he will accept this and still love you more than anything else.

If you aren't an author of erotic fiction, then I doubt he's made this request expecting pulitzer-quality material. He wants to know what's going on in that mind of yours. He wants to know what your imagination would do with the two of you, no holds barred. He wants something of you. The grammar and punctuation are minor considerations. Just dream up a scenario of the two of you that turns you on and write what you "see".
ATTENTION: If this post is an idea I've posted in the "Story Ideas" forum, then it is a story that I have no intention of writing myself, unless I say otherwise in the post. I'm posting the idea for other authors to run with, if they're interested.

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aʒɑ̃ prɔvɔkatúr
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Well, darn...

So this when it's probably do a little bit too late I hope somebody p.m.'d her a story..

I do love me a desparate woman!

I have both ghost-written a morsel or 2 for people as well as shamelessly lifted from others.

The challenge of altering my own authors voice to match as best I can a fictional author is really rewarding... for a while I offered a blog from a woman's perspective it was great not to have anyone call me on it... I pushed it quite a bit and still nobody figured out the gender was wrong.

I think a secret in that case is I have the woman's sexual interest wax and wane the way women tend to in real life rather than all on all the time the way dude gets.

Ps..eva your pm's are not set to receive... goto user command post (User CP) and fix that post haste!

In general start of your stories with moral s how you actually met him... exaggerate a little bit your sexual thoughts up on seeing him...

Sprinkle in some details about what you remember from the first time that you had sex with him but put it in the more interesting low cow for example in the parking lot outside the restaurant you work in.

Throw in a second female is always good... if he's very secure and confident in himself throwing another dude is a chancey proposition but if it's something the 2 of you have discussed throw him in instead.

Rosen thrown a celebrity or something on this girl the risky but hot thing to do is to throw in somebody that the 2 of you know together that you I think he might have the hots for.

Minor little subplot maybe while you're going at it hot and heavy in the parking lot of your work please men raps at the window, either hold the light on you both as you have to get redressed or better yet tell you to continue....
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-Kevin Spacey as Verbal Kint in "The Usual Suspects."

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So what happened? Did you get a story?
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star-crossed lovers

We had been together for six months now and we had moved past the point at which we were star-crossed lovers but we still could not keep our hands off each other any time we were together we would end up making love.

We both lived in the same town but Tim being Australian with a visa that was running out was looking for more than just love he wanted to have me to marry him.

It was I that just wanted the love and sex I could not get enough of his muscular body his black hair, blue eyes, and his placid non circumcised six inches down between his legs that filled me as soon as his erection formed.
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