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naughty on the tube (subway train) (open to one female)

John had been living what could easily be decribed as a 'normal' life, he was married, had two kids and a good job. He was currently going through something of a midlife crisis, and longed for some excitement.

He was on his was home from the work christmas party and was on the last tube having had a few drinks he was not drunk but a little hazy. The train carriage was pretty empty bar one or two other party go'ers who were comatozed from drink.

The train pulled into a station and a few people got on, spread out through the carriage, and collapsed, it was the festive season afterall.

A young couple got on, it was clear they had argued prior to boarding. He was a state, unable to walk without her help. She dropped him into a seat, "silly wanker" she said, clearly upset, and then sat in the seat next to John.

"Everything ok?" John asked

"Yes, he just always does this, leaves me to help him back. Idiot, good for nothing, not sure why I bother" she replied.

"Yep, us guys can be shit like that" he smilled

She smiled back "sorry, this isn't your problem really"

"Don't worry about it, its fine"

She was dressed in a red evening dress that came to just above the knee, was brunette with a well proportioned body. She was very attractive, but her mascara was smudge from tears as a result of the argument. He put his hand on her arm "I am sure it will all seem better in the morning" he said. She rubbed his hand affectionately, "thank you, I am not so sure, but thank you. Lets get home first".

She was staring into space now. John looked at her, she was alluring, as his mind began to wonder. He took her hand from her arm, and she took hers back. She was clearly a little tipsy too.

With the alcohol clouding his judgement, he lay his coast across his lap, and slowly ran his hand to touch her knee, and waited for a reaction. She flinched slightly, but didn't do anything else. He took it that he could continue, and slowly rubbed up and down her thigh, covered by his jacket.
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