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The War Captain's Daughter ((1 male needed))

PM if interested

Name: Bella Tranixe
Age: 19
Race: Dark elf/ Moon fairy
Appearance: Long, dark brown hair, dark blue eyes, and a 5'3'', hour glass frame. Creamy white skin, topped with full, round 36D breasts, as well as curvy hips. A tattoo of her families crest on her lower back

Jamies' l hope you and Bells are doing alright up in those mountains. l heard what's going on, how the war is getting worse...,Dear, you need to bring her home. lt isn't safe for her up there. You know that! No matter how strong she is, how smart she is, Bella shouldn't be helping you with this. She shouldn't have to see the carnage that is being made because of this war. Jamies' l want her home. l need my daughter to stay alive. -Alexandra

Bella sat at the table, her legs crossed over one another as she read over the note that had just come from her mother. lt was of course, ment for her father and not for her eyes, but after the last few letters, reading how her mother wanted her to come home, she couldn't allow him to read these. Just in case he agreed and tried to send her back home. Not that she would go home without a fight.

"Is that a note from your mother?"

Quickly, she folded the note up and sat up right, looking at her father as he walked in through the tent entrance. Her father, Chief Tranixe was a tall, musclar dark elf who had been leading one of the many tribes against the Orcs. Their enemies for over fifty years. Or at least the dark elves enemy. Moon fairies had no problem with them, or them with us. Not that that fact mattered to her. If any one in her family was in danger, she would gladly help. No matter what she had to do. Which is exactly why she was here.

"Yeah, it's from mom." Bells stood up, allowing the skirt of the short dress she wore to fall down her legs a bit. "lt's just says hi and she wanted to know how we were doing." She explained to her father as she watched him move over to his desk, pulling out a number of papers. "So... when are we leaving?"

Jamies' looked at his daughter, his eyes showing her that he was happy about her mentioning them leaving. "ln a hour actually." He took her over."Bella, are you sure you want to do this? l mean, we can find another way. Get someone else t-"

"No!" She interrupted, crossing her arms. "l want to do this. l'm the only one who can do this with a chance to get out harm free." She explained him. "You know with my fairy blood, they wont try to attack me... as long as they don't figure out l'm also half elf."

"But what if they do?" He asked. "Bella, l can't send my daughter off to her death."

"You wont! I'll be in and out before anyone notices me. Besides, you need someone to go and try to find out what their next plan is. We can't let them ambush another one of our tribes!" She argued. "We'll have the upper hand, dad. We need that. We're losing way to many people. There foing to start moving into our villages soon."

He moved his hand to his head, running his fingers through his long, lose hair, the whole time watching her. He stayed like this for a few minutes before slowly nodding. "Your right. Your right, we need you to do this. We need to know where they're going to attack next, but," he gave her a hard look, "your not going alone."

Bella was crouched down, hiding her form behind a large bush as she looked down at one of the
orcs base. Something they found only days ago. The moon light shined down on them, casting there shadows on the trees behind them. Her normally loose hair was tied up into a tight ponytail, keeping it out of her face. Instead of having on armor, she had on a simple, backless, purple dress. One that can down to her ankles. So just incase someone did see her wondering around, they would be able to see her wings and that she was unarmed, they wouldn't try to attack her right away.

"We need to get going, now." Rean, a elf a few years older then her said from beside her. He had only started fighting for their tribe four months ago, but he wad good! That's why he was put in charge of making sure she was safe. "l can't see any orcs, but there is a fire going. That means their there, but not a lot." he looked at her, holding his sword in his right hand. "Ready?"

Slowly, she nodded her head. "l'm ready." She mumbled before standing up. "Rean, if l get caught, don't come after me unless you hear me scream." She told him, her normally sweet voice hard, commanding. "I'll be back soon... hopefully." With that said, she walked from behind the bushes, heading down towards the orc base.
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