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Anyone want to chat about incest?

I have been intimate with my mom for 14 years now
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Please check out my stories - The Tormented Bridegroom and Forbidden. If they appeal to you, and you would like to chat, get in touch.
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sail away
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Hi CC,
I see from your profile that you worked in the porn industry. Would you care to chat about that on Lit PM? I dont have Yahoo IM.
Also, I do some RP on lit, sometimes involving incest. I am involved in two RPs now, but maybe we could set up and RP later. Let me know what you think.
PS Im male, 52yo and live in CA.
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Well,a lot of free pornsites have mom for a category,as well as milf,& Ive seen a few videos,as the women in these categories look hot n its just simulated for the most part.Then theres aunt ,sister dads,etc...
I ve also read a few of these stories like at xhamster ,xnxx,here,& its been kinda hot reading ,taboo is anothr category this comes under.
So is your mom looking for outside action,is she hot?I offered to role play it with some older women along the trail of life as something kinky.
Had sex with my brothers ex,& she started with the "your my brother,not my lover"line thereafter.She was kinda bi...,& didn t really wanna give it up as routine thereafter...
My dad was infertile n wanted kids,some say I resemble a Swede bro in law...My older bro was said to be from a lodge bro in the masons with my swede uncle.My younger bro was looking like a cop that used to live accross the street,in one place we lived,=me having 2 half bros.,by blood.
My younger brother dated my exwife before I did.I was told I was infertile after my specimen went thru the lab,the wife asked if I wanted her to have kids by someone else,I said no.it didnt work out in my family they devorced when i was 4.
You see some of that kind of stuff on jerry springer,as well as spouses sleeping with siblings of spouses.The cousin thing was considered honorable to marry to save them from poverty.
Lots of royalty did incest in the ancient pagan world,and with Indiginous peoples,if relatives weren t accepted into males teepees,they might go freeze to death in a snowbank,so it was big hearted to have all kinds of females in ones lodge..As far as having kids,it doubles the risk of brth defects.Animals do it all the time ...
14 yrs,sounds like its a habit,& now youre both above the age of consent...you could PM me if you need to get some catharsis...Best wishes,khbostic ps,I got a 2 yr assoc in social work/mental health,ma was psych nurse a couple yrs,Iworked my way thru comm college as a psych nurse on nite shift.

Look up st dymphna on wikipedia.org,type it in once there,Shes the patron st of the mentally ill.Anyways ,her dad lost her ma & became obsessed with having her for a wife as he was still a irish pagan king.

She fled to holland with her confessor priest.The dad caught up with them & martyrred/murdered them.Seems the bones were moved after she was buried once & people had healings...luckymojo.com sells religious catholic cards including hers...

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id love to talk about your experiences
Pm me, or send me a message in kik....
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