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Personal Experiances

How many of the writers on here have submitted stories based on their personal experience. It makes it better for me if I know the writer really experience it.
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A good many of mine are based in personal experience.
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Three of mine are slightly altered accounts of real experiences. Nearly all of the rest involve some degree of personal experience--not enough to say that they are based on actual events, but rather, that they incorporate some elements of actual events.
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Mine too...

A good number of my stories have, at least some, scenes based in fact. "The night that was," is almost a word for word account of the night my marriage ended. My lastest, "The Call," is based on an actual call that I received at 3am one night. I did bug my phone to get a recording of the guy's voice and I did make a startling discovery from that recording, although it had nothing to do with my wife cheating as in the story.
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Originally Posted by Duracell10 View Post
How many of the writers on here have submitted stories based on their personal experience. It makes it better for me if I know the writer really experience it.
The events in my stories are almost all fictional, but they have a basis in things that actually happened to me (or friends). For example: my narrator's girlfriend is a professional cellist trying to make a living from her art. IRL, my girlfriend isn't a cellist but a graphic artist.

(And then after I wrote it, it turned out that my girlfriend's girlfriend IS a cellist. So I guess I'll know if I make any cello-related errors.)

There are a couple of bits that I did take almost entirely from real life: the story of how Yvonne's dentist grandfather died, the actor who regrew a leg. Because sometimes RL is more entertaining than anything I can come up with!
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All of my "Memories of" stories are real. Slices of life gone by.
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Most of mine have some basis in reality. If nothing else, the characters will be loosely based on real people I knew. None of them are completely true - real life is rarely quite that entertaining!
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Truthfully, pretty much all of the stories I write have some basis in my life.

Oh, I may play around and write from the female perspective when I was actually the guy in the reality it was based on. Which, of course, means I couldn't have had a clue what was going on in her head and so had to base the thoughts I attribute now to what she said and did then.

And, of course, I leave out the boring details. Like exactly how long she was in the bathroom and how close I was to falling asleep by the time she came back out.

And the conversations were probably a lot different. Even when I can remember what was said, it just doesn't read the same as it sounded. So, I have to pretty that part up so no reader says, "Dude, I'm surprised you've gotten laid yet, much less then!"

Since I am currently working on short, short stories to break out of my bad habit of taking twenty-four pages to describe a sex scene, I have to condense quite a bit. I have to make what in reality took about seven hours read like it only took thirty minutes.

And, yeah, I change up the names to protect the... um... can't really say innocent. Well, to protect the identites of the people in question and thus me from their lawyers.

You know... come to think of it, it's just about all a pack of lies, isn't it?
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