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Analingus and Preparation

Recently my girlfriend and I have begun increasing our sexual boundaries. A couple weeks ago we tried analingus (me on her). It was amazing! We have done it several more times since then (always after she showers it) and we both enjoy it.

I have always had the fantasy to receive but haven't asked yet as I don't think I am prepared. She is almost completely hairless around her asshole and since we only do it right after she showers it is very clean. I would like her to perform on me but I want to remove the hair in that region first.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences they could share on male hair removal around the anus?

Also any tips or tricks to make it more pleasurable for her would be appreciated.
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You can use the hair removal cream designed for ladies' bikini regions without any ill effect.

Also, if you're willing to bear the expense, a beautician can wax it for you.

I don't reccommend using a razor on yourself, although getting your missus to do it for you might add to the erotic fun.

As for preparation. A shower beforehand at a minimum, an enema if you're really paranoid and whatever you do, please do not pass gass while she's down there. I shouldn't have to say that, but it has been known to happen.

And happy butt licking!!
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Good advice above. Hair removal cream works well and there is no itching as the hair grows back. Shaving can irritate the skin and the stubble can itch as it grows back.
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Shaving is an option, but it will get uncomfortable pretty quickly as the hair grows back. When I first started doing it, my GF helped, but I got confident enough later to do it myself. We used small bikini razors in the area right around the anus.

Hair removal creams work for some people, but they can cause chemical burns and you need to be really careful, especially in the sensitive areas. I also learned how to use one of these, although it was never my first choice in hair removal.

Since I first tried professional waxing, I have not looked back. It is by far the best way for me.

My GF and I both shower regularly and maintain good hygiene. Usually a quick "whore's bath" of that area just before sex is enough for us. Of course, there are occasional times when it's just not quite right no matter what you do.
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try douching

put some astro glide on the tip of massengale disposible sping scent, and give yourself a good anal douche before you engage in that actvity. Nothing bit a fresh scent.
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Waxing gives the best result, but it can be hard to justify the time and expense when with some practice, you can shave the area quite easily. If you do it the same timeas your legs, underarms and pussy, stubble isn't a problem. I have never been on the receiving end of a rimming, but I prefer a "natural" butthole to one that was just washed. Preferably after a shower, but before a poop. A freshly washed one doesn't have the man's musk. Besides, it's more humiliating/fun if you have to get passed a little, you know .
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