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Celebrity charity porn

I have no idea where I'm going with this, it just popped into my head tonight at work. Some celebrity (Jessica Alba, Katy Perry, Candace Swanepoel, Kate Upton) lets herself be singed up for some fairly innocuous sounding charity. They're told it's a one-on-one meet-and-greet type thing and recipients are chosen randomly (Semi-randomly?). The celebrity is chosen and when the charity informs her of what she needs to do to prepare for the meeting, they tell her fairly shocking things like make sure her pussy's been shaved, she's on the pill, be ready for multiple shoots, make sure she's free for at least twenty-four to forty-eight hours etc. She asks around a bit and she finds out, or maybe the charity just tells her when she's chosen that the charity is actually for her to perform in a hardcore porn flick with the winning recipient as well as spending a day as a personal sex slave. She can't get out of it (she signed a contract, they videotaped her on a hidden camera to her agreeing to it) so she goes and ends up being roughly used and abused on camera like a cheap hooker.
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Originally Posted by PanicByNumbers View Post
She can't get out of it (she signed a contract, they videotaped her on a hidden camera to her agreeing to it) so she goes and ends up being roughly used and abused on camera like a cheap hooker.
I can't imagine any possible way for this to not completely shatter suspension of disbelief into a million tiny, tiny fragments, each of which then itself shatters into its component atoms. Which judge is going to enforce that contract? You can't sign yourself into slavery.
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I know what you're trying to get to... Very difficult to do this kind of story and get away with it - that is, make it even slightly believable, you know, leap that credibility gap.

But... It is possible.

On the surface, the kind of thing you're talking about is just a sheer impossibility - except, it's not because it has happened in rl.

And moreover, you may - or you may not - be surprised to learn that there are and have been a number of celebrity women who have deliberately from time to time sought out opportunities to be in porn movies or 'research' something on the dark side. Usually if they do they get automatically dumped by the mainstream studios.

The mainstream producers and companies go a bit nuts whenever they hear about someone doing this kind of thing - for years Sean Young got a reputation for doing the 'wrong thing' when she made a series of semi-independently produced movies that had sexual perversion has their main themes. But the real reason these actors/actresses/personalities go down this path is because they detest the fakeness, or the artificiality, and often the prejudices of the mainstream studio chiefs. It's often a reaction to the studios pushing someone with far less talent, ability, and even looks, frankly.

You'd have to think Basic Instinct II attempts to say or to show someone 'researching' in a fairly let's say, 'robust' way... And I get the impression that it verges almost onto the paths you are talking about. You can see all the participants have thought about it.

Try and check any of the film shorts that Karl Lagerfeld has done recently - in context of these culture gurus, you would be surprised how far they can take a few of their private clients...

Money and power and fashion status and a few other things open doors that normally would be steel-vault-shut.

But, most of all, aboveall else, is the possibility that some individual has self-initiated something a bit risque. The weirdo folklore about illuminati 'sex slaves' - which is basically an idea exploited in almost all of Katy Perry's music videos - expresses the thing you are talking about.

Obviously, people think about it a bit more than you might suppose.

The trick to getting it all to make sense in a story is the seductive slow step, step, step into something that looks slick and up-front and 'honorable' (but isn't) until it's far too late.

Very wealthy people have done stuff in the past that got pretty close to what you are talking about albeit MAYBE it was all just an act/role-playing fun/ party theme stuff... E.G. the famous masked ball that Truman Capote organised, and the masked balls that Dame Daphne Guinness does that show off the more extreme designer gear.

Erm... I have fenced around this matter before here, but, without naming names, I have definitely personally been to several 'secret' balls/functions in Sydney at which I can guarantee you there were people that are glamourous and very well-known total A-listers - who were dressed in ways you wouldn't easily believe, with people you wouldn't think they would be with, acting in ways you wouldn't expect, and in the middle of other people doing things you DEFINITELY would not easily believe would be going on in their presence. It was nothing to do with changing gender or anything like that though, more just very very highly sexual.

It is absolutely no secret at all that the old Club 54 in NY a long while ago had big time celebrities photographed in ways that were latter suppressed (as much as possible!) - same as the real Velvet Underground was attended by celebrities who actually participated in things there.

The idea is neither totally stupid, nor is it completely unlikely to happen or to have happened - it's just very hard to make it believable in the context of a fictionalised story! Because people don't believe it. It's not that it doesn't happen at all...
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Q. What legitimate charity is going to scam celebrities into a porno shoot as a means to raise money?

A. None.

Q. What celebrity is going to sign any type of a contract without first having it reviewed by her agent and attorneys?

A. None.

Q. What happens if, after reading the contract, she just doesn't show up?

A. Nothing.

Q. What if they sue to enforce the "contract?"

A. It gets thrown out of court.

Q. Would any attorney take the case on behalf of the charity?

A. Hell no. It would be a contingent fee case with no chance of getting paid. It would also submit the attorney to possible sanctions for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

Q. What happens if the suit is filed?

A. It gets blasted across the news, and the state Attorney General will begin an investigation into the charity. Criminal charges are likely against the perpetrators of the scam.

When you can get past all these hurdles, I might consider suspending my disbelief.
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The celebs would have to brainwashed... and the charity would have to be some kind of hidden underground event otherwise everyone in the outside world would crack down on that like no tomorrow.

It's hard to make it work, unless you turn the story into some sort of cartoony fantasy world where selling yourself to charity is alright.

What kinda charity is it anyway? What is all of this money going towards?
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I thought the idea was totally nuts when I first saw it.

But then, afterawhile I started to think about the number of times the kind of thing - well, more or less - has actually happened.

I have to think that the old Roman Polanski 'problem' with some underage or potentially underage would-be starlet, again, gets fairly close to the same basic idea.

The bit about simply 'signing a contract' though, is not ever going to work... There needs to be a lot more to the compulsion element.

Frankly though, if you leave that bit out, and just go to the idea of having some identity or celebrity get 'used like a cheap hooker,' there are lots of ways you can make this work inside a story. Steering away from simply the reality of so many films just turning into rubbish from the time the script gets accepted by a studio or money producer, and the star 'feeling like they were treated like a cheap hooker!!' Because that's probably happened countless times in rl anyway and it isn't vaguely a happy or erotic event/experience.

A lot of the work on psychological thriller movies - big time ones anyway - is extremely intense and I just can't see how in many instances you can assume the director IS NOT using some kind of trance conditioning techniques on the performers. I think people watch movies and take things far too much for granted that oh hey actors just 'do this stuff...' No way! I've met a few actors and actresses and they are as dumb as all get out. What happens is that some Svengali director comes along, spoon-feeds them with lines that sometimes they read off a page outside of camera vision, and f***s with their mind along the way until some other thing is inside them and that is what you see on the big screen. I know some actors and actresses that swear black and blue they never ever recorded a certain scene, can't remember having done it and in one case (not mentioning any names Mel) but the co-star ended up in hospital supposedly with stone fish poisoning and suffering delirium for a couple of weeks and has a total mental blank to this day about the last scenes filmed. Except the movie won Academies and made the names of the actors involved...

I personally know one of the executive producers involved and er, the conversations that went on at his place and still do, were/are more along the lines of the op's ideas than anything else that I can think of. The fact that he was a raging same-sex interested guy is probably what has kept actresses from suing his *ss.

No no. This crazed idea is a lot closer to the stuff that does go on that we would initially think, being law-abiding people without the backing of trillion-dollar studio funds.

"Don't put your daughter on the stage Mrs. Worthington," is not Noel Coward being funny, just being straight. Haha.

You think about this:

This here Lit E. site, attracts more viewers to some of its stories, when they are newly released, than some multi-million dollar budget movies that get meaningful advertising budgets spent on them. It is not going to take any more than some bright studio producer to pull some writer from off here and the next thing you know you have some heavy-duty sexotic Svengali wa-a-ay more out there than Joe Eszterhas pulling some of the strings on the storylines and leading on how to con the stars into taking off their knickers. In fact, it is inevitable.

The op just wants it to involve Katy Perry or Candace Swanepoel or someone and I think maybe more Blake Lively. Perry is a pushover. (So if you're reading this KP, you know what a challenge is about!)
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Sean Renaud
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Skip all that set up and just do what I did. The story takes place in a universe where acting isn't particularly difficult, being beautiful is rare but not rare enough to make a career out of. Every single woman in Hollywood got there by whoring it up. There is not a single exception to this rule.
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Make it so the celebrity goes along with it because she's secretly aroused by the idea...not because she's legally obligated. Problem solved.
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