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Fantasies (deilweg x heartofcourage)

The stream of light from the corridor lit up the otherwise dimly lit room when he opened the door to his apartment. He slipped in like a shadow into the living room and flicked the light switch on. A single lamp woke up from it’s sleep sending a faint glow around the room.

He liked his apartment this way, with the blinds closed even in the day. He hated sharp bright lights and he hates his prying neighbours from the building opposite. That meant he never had enough light in the room, unless he switched on his lamp.

He looked around his living room and he liked what he saw - everything was as it was. Except for...

He walked over to the tea table and found the coaster to be slightly away from where it was. He set it right, made sure it looked alright before he left the room to go to his bedroom.

In his bedroom he opened his closet, took of his shoes and aligned it neatly with the other shoes he had. He took of his socks and put it in the laundry bag. He put on his regular slippers before heading towards his bathroom for a quick cleanup. He washed his face with soap, shaved the one day stubble that had grown while he was at work.

His next stop was his kitchen. He looked around and found everything to be in it’s place. He took out his cereal bowl and prepared his cereal. He liked the milk to be gently warm. He carried it to the living room and sat before his computer. He neatly arranged a table mat before him, put his cereal bowl on top of it. He cleaned the spoon with his tissue paper and set it aside. He started up his computer. It beeped for password. He entered his favourite password and it beeped again when it displayed his online desktop.

He pointed his mouse at an icon on the left and clicked on it. The screen displayed another password prompt. He entered a password prompt. A series of lines scrolled thrown the tiny window and came to a stop prompting for a “Decryption Password”. He entered another password and it popped up a selection box with 5 or 6 names and their online status against them.

He dipped his spoon into the warm bowl of cereals and scooped up some of it. He waited for the excess milk to drip down before inserting the spoon into his mouth. A quick suck in, and the spoon was empty. He munched on it as he stared at the name on the top.

He clicked on it. The computer popped up another window with a series of scrolling messages until it said “Ready”. An “OK” button blinked to the right of it. He clicked on it. A few seconds later, Maryann’s room came into view. He was looking at an empty room. He was about to close down that window, when he heard voices coming from the computer speaker. He listened intently.

She entered the view from the side, and his heart quickened.
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